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It’s over. Was it as good for you as it was for me? How should we got about this? Do you need a smoke?

Kenny made one trade in this month of July: Edwin Jackson & Mark Teahan for Zack Stewart & Jason Frasor.

Mark Teahan was a salary dump. If you wanted him to stay…no one wanted him to stay. So this trade was a 2 for 1. A top 50 prospect according to Keith Law of ESPN and a right handed reliever to assist the 4 man rotation + whatever Peavy can contribute. Interesting that Kenny didn’t hold on to Edwin knowing how well this 6 man rotation has been for the old (Buehrle),weak (Peavy), & aspiring (Humber). This leads me to believe that he wasn’t expecting a deal could be worked out for Edwin to return in 2012. He IS a Scott Boras client. This trade just seems pedestrian to me. Kenny did something he had to do and brought back a decent haul.

As a fan, however, I developed two questions: Peavy can break any second, what happens then? What did the Cardinals want for Colby Rasmus? (As he is who the Blue Jays acquired using EJax.) The first question about pitching depth was kind of addressed yesterday on Twitter by Ken Rosenthal.

That’s why Kenny wanted Derek Holland from Texas for Matt Thornton. But that doesn’t solve the problem that appears Kenny didn’t have the foresight to see, so if you know what the possibilities are once Peavy goes down, fill me in. I doubt Jerry Reinsdorf will sign off on a Wandy Rodriguez waiver either. Now the other question, WHY DIDN’T KENNY GET COLBY RASMUS?!

That’s who I wanted. I wanted Colby. Why didn’t he make the damn move for who I wanted. I’m sure that EJax and Thornton could have been enough to snag him, those are solid pieces for a contending team. More salary drop, Thornton losing his “edge”. Ugh. I’ll never know and you’ll never know (better tell me if you do) what the Cardinals wanted. Disappointing. Win a couple of series and all of a sudden this mediocre team managed to “flip a switch”. Sure.

  • The Tigers acquired: Wilson Betemit=LOL, Doug Fister=meh, and David Pauley=eh
  • The Indians acquired: Ubaldo Jimenez=we’ll see damnit, Kosuke Fukudome=oh wow, and Thomas Neal=triple A ballplayer
  • The Royals don’t matter.
  • And the Twins did nothing.

Since the White Sox can only win their division and have no chance at outscoring the Yankees or Phillies (if they got to the World Series), how do the White Sox match up against the competing American League Central teams after the deadline? Well, they got the Indian’s number, so forget about them. Thank god the Royals aren’t in the race or they’d beat out the Sox. The Twins will probably squeeze into contention once Denard Span, Justin Morneau (probably never coming back, good thing he never played football), and Alexi Cassila come off the DL.

But these Tigers. Everyone thinks it’s going to be the Tigers to lose it. With that being the case, the Sox have recently won both series against the Tigers since the AS break and Fister gave up 14 hits and 5 ER in his only performance against the South Siders this season. Regardless of the moves made by the AL Central, everything might stay the same. (Can you tell I’m not high on Ubaldo, regardless of his quality start v. the Sox.)


  • Big jim

    Why couldn’t the sox trade Dunn for a bag of balls?