Lions Seek To Be Dominated, Bears Accept Role

The pleasant thing about this game was that it was over so fast. It only took 2 minutes and 50 seconds for Peppers to show he was ready to play. I was completely unaware that Calvin Johnson could fumble a football. I also was unaware that Julius Peppers could tackle Calvin with one arm. The Bears scored in 4 plays and things were looking pretty.

On Detroit’s very next drive, Nate Burleson thought he was doing a great job by tiptoeing the sideline and staying in for an extra 5 YAC. Tim Jennings ran up from behind and punched the ball out. That turnover resulted in a Bears field goal.

Th Lions netted 12 yards on their next drive. But they didn’t turn the ball over. Chicago ”marched” down the field and settled for three. So thus far, with 3 Lions possessions, they’ve turned the ball over twice and punted once. It looked as dominant as that reads. Things were bound to get going for this Detroit offense though. They are coming off a bye week and Matt Stafford is having a pro bowl like season thanks to Calvin Johnson, this couldn’t last all game. It did though.

After their 2nd punt, Hester had sensational patience and vision returning it for his 12th punt return touchdown. The score at this time was 20-0 Bears. Unfortunately a Cutler fumble gave Detroit the ball on the Chicago 19 and Hanson was able to put up three points.


Alright I feel that is enough play by play. People can only take so much. I can only take so much. The rest you have to know is Stafford throws 4 interceptions, 2 for pick 6’s, and the Lions score their first touchdown with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Bears win 37-13.

This game was played with almost perfect defense. It wasn’t a shutout, but I’m on the fence because it did generate more points than the offense did and it would have been enough to win the game. Regardless, this is the best Bears defensive performance we’ve probably seen in two years. No one played poorly. Charles Tillman was on Megatron all game, limiting him to only 7 catches on 19 targets and 0 touchdowns. Not to mention his interception return for a touchdown. The defense created six turnovers throughout the game by five different players.

The troubling thing is that the offense only generated 216 yards and 1 touchdown. Matt Forte was held in check for a majority of the game besides one 40 yard run. Jay Cutler didn’t throw an interception but he wasn’t able to see some open receivers and fumbled once. Seeing as the run game and pass game were held down, my mind figures this could have been a result of play calling and not poor offensive performance, but the real answer is probably a combination of both. It’s hard to say this game was flawed after such a beat down, but if the Bears want to play on an elite level, they need all facets of their game running to the point of perfection.

One injury coming from this game is Chris Williams. It appears he will have season ending surgery. Good thing Carimi wasn’t on the IR.

The Bears next game is at home against San Diego. Philip Rivers plays like a drunk redneck. I can’t wait.

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  • Mic

    The lions are a dirty football team. Go home and act like you’ve been there. Oh wait the lions haven’t been there! Ha!