NBA Lockout: Down To The Wire

It’s up to the players. That’s essentially what David Stern said Saturday when talking about an NBA season happening. In what was supposed to have been the third week of the NBA season, owners and players seem farther apart than ever.

As a fan it’s hard to even tell how the “bad guy” is anymore, the union or the league.  The owners of the league are now offering a proposal where revenue sharing will be split 50/50. The players are still looking for something around 52%. The worst part is, there’s no reports of infighting going on between the players in the union.

An emergency meeting has been called for Monday in which representatives from all teams will be present, and then both sides will meet Monday or Tuesday to figure out if the owner’s latest proposal will be accepted. But if it’s not, will the players seek decertification from the union?

Stern seems to think that this will lead to the dissolution of nearly $4 billion in guaranteed contracts. The players’ union is in a very precarious situation right now.  If they don’t accept this new offer, which outlines plans for a 72 game season, then Stern threatens to make any further deals even less appealing.

A Lot of players wouldn’t be happy with that. But right now, both sides are making it hard for anyone to have sympathy for them. For the owners, that’s to be expected.  But the fans should be in some kind of agreement with the players.

Instead, the players just won’t budge, and would rather lose an entire season as well as scores of fans. Now I kind of understand why so many people were disgusted by the actions of players during the 1994 MLB strike.

While we all know this isn’t a strike, it’s getting more and more apparent that some of the players are getting a little greedy. Most reports say the union won’t accept this latest offer.  The players have to though, they really do.  If a 72 game season happens, at least it’ll be more legitimate than the shortened 1999 season.  There won’t be as many questions as there are surrounding the legitimacy of the 1999 Spurs championship team.  Shaving off ten games and starting on December 15th is a good alternative to a horrible situation.

Any other decision would be detrimental to the league’s standing with fans across the globe.  It’s now or never at this point.  A season shouldn’t even happen if a deal isn’t reached in these next two days.  But a rejection by the players will be another knife in the back of the fans that want so desperately to see them play.

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