Bulls Cast: Episode 1


On the very first edition of the Bulls Cast; the Bulls have signed Rip Hamilton. Pat, Mac, and Marco sit down at Justin’s Bar and Grill to have a bite and talk Bulls basketball. How good does Hamilton make this Bulls team, and can he push them past the Heat? Later in the show the guys discuss who went where in a very short NBA off season. Have a listen, we bring the funny.


  • Dylan Holton

    couldnt listen to it all but, from what i heard, i agree with you Mac on the not deminishing skills part. yet, how can you say 11 ppg off the bench? he’s gonna be a starter or at least a sixth man getting at least 13 ppg. he’s got almost 18ppg in his career. he only dropped down under that last year cuz of the drama going on up there in detroit. he put up some monster games before that tho.