Bulls Free Agent Hopes

When college basketball rolled into town, I kinda didn’t care. I love watching my hometown hero Robbie Hummel play (you should know that by now), but honestly, I could care less about college basketball for the most part. I watch the tournament’s first 32 games then I kinda stop unless there’s an underdog story. That’s all college really is for me, just waiting for the next underdog story. And how bout the Bulldogs pulling it out two years in a row! They fit the small school, Indiana, uniforms made by local sport shop criteria. But they FREAKING LOST. TWICE. SCREW THAT STORY. GET ME WHEN A #16 SEED IS LEADING A #1 WITH 2 MINUTES TO GO. THANKS.

And Stern said, “Let thy balls dribble on the day thy lord has been born!”

And Billy Hunter said, “Thy balls will dribble in 3 timezones on 3 channels!”

Luckily there is something to hold us (fans with computers aka armchair GMs) over until Xmas day: free agency. It edges out the draft by probably 70-30  (Kyle votes) because players signed have much more significant roles on the upcoming season than a European dude playing ball in Italy. And it’s better than the LOTTERY! Not better than opening day, but probably better than game 7 of a Lakers/Celtics NBA final. Definitely better.

The Bulls are going to cause a ruckus in this free agency. That most definitely is an overstatement. They’re going to nab a 2 or a 3 with the ability to create his own shot and Kurt Thomas. Big Sexy just gotta come back. Scalabrine too. Hell, why not Bogans as well. Bring em all back and add another!  The official date to sign free agents is December 9th, so there are still two days of discussions left. That means nothing has been finalized, shit is being thrown all over in media/source/rumorland, and teams are still in the “I like you, do you like me?” phase. Please read previous sentence as: EVERYTHING IS BULLSHIT UNTIL FRIDAY.

ONWARD TO SUPER FAN SPECULATION TIME (in no particular order):

1. Nick Young: I have no idea if Nick Young can play defense since he played for the Wizards. I don’t even know if the Wizards had a coach last year. What I DO know, is that Nick Young loves to shoot the ball. Loves it. He shot the ball 90 more times than Boozer in 152 more minutes.One thing he doesn’t like to do though is pass the ball. Averaged 1.5 assists per 40 minutes played. That isn’t going to work in Chicago. He also prefers the catch and shoot over the dribble drive. Also something the Bulls might not be interested in. However, he’s a young stud whom Thibodeau would mold into his own image. Deal would be sign and trade since Young is restricted.

2. Arron Affalo: #2 SG in field goal % with .498 in 627 attempts. #1 was Wade (.500 in 1384 attempts). “Sources” say the Bulls don’t have the cap room to make Affalo an enticing offer. Oh them silly sources. GarPax will find a way. By the way, Affalo is 6’5” 215 lbs & Bogans is 6’5” 215 lbs.

3. Jason Richardson: Thank god I played fantasy basketball last year. Without my participation, I’d have no amateur scouting report on Jason. He was traded to the Magic after 25 games with the Suns. While with the Suns, he was relied on heavily and put up some solid numbers, but once with Orlando, he wasn’t the main offensive threat and his numbers declined. He’s mostly a long range threat, inconsistent, and lacks above average defensive skills. At the age of  30, I don’t feel like this is the piece the Bulls are missing.

4. Vince Carter: Get the hell outta here.

5. Caron Butler: Met with the Bulls on Monday and said he could defend the 2 position. That’s nice to know that he’d be in a lineup with Rose, Deng, Boozer, and Noah. One of the major problems with this move is of course his season ending knee surgery last year. Being out of Washington and in Dallas led resulted in 50 fewer turnovers in ’09 and 10 more steals. I feel that with his age, 31, he’d be willing to lockdown on defense better and still be a solid contributor on offense. Especially under Thibs watch.

6: Jamal Crawford: Tom Thibodeau called him on Monday. “Hello Jamal, this is Tom Thibodeau.” “Hey coach, how are you doing?” “Good good. I’ve got a question for you Jamal. Would you play defense for me?” “Not really coach.” “Thanks Jamal, I appreciate your honesty.” *click* (That is not the actual call. I have no transcript.) Wait, Jamal Crawford for Ronnie Brewer? No. NO! N.O.


Check out this dope:

Making the big bucks.


  • Howard

    If I had to choose between two “chucks” I’m taking Crawford, because he may not play defense, but he passes the ball. Nick Young is a black hole, you pass him the ball, you don’t see it again. Jason Richardson seems to be the best fit, hopefull he takes less money to play for a real contender, not a pretender like the Suns/Magic in years past. Caron Butler is second best choice. I wish Jesus Shuttlesworth was available, CHAAAAMMMPPIONSHIIIIIP.

  • Howard

    OH, and Vince-anity is welcome in Chicago. We need tough veterans, and he can still shoot and get to the basket with ease…so don’t be so quick to dismiss that idea. I’ll get you a Bulls Carter jersey for Kwanzaa.

    • http://midwaymadness.com Kyle Gatlin

      I’ll take that jersey! I still don’t see Vince getting over his ego though (because of course I’m his best friend and I know that kinda personal shit).

      Richardson would be ALRIGHT, I have a feeling he would be just be overpaid.