Bulls Cast: Episode 12


In this episode of the Bulls Cast, Mac, Marco and Nick sit down at Justin’s Bar and Grill to talk Bulls basketball. The guys break down Mondays game against the Knicks and take a look at Wednesdays game versus the Heat. With trade deadline approaching do the Bulls need to add another piece to the puzzle? Later in the show, the crew gets down and dirty with the Dwight Howard trade rumors. Pull up a chair, we bring the funny.

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  • Johnredman


    You’re going to hate on Stacey King? He’s the best in the business. Stacey makes it fun to watch and follow along. He gets YOU fired up when something big happens.

  • Abe Martinez

    is this podcast for real? i have been listening to this podcast for some time now.. do yous guys check your stats..especially mac where do you get off saying that Deng averages 20 a game when he really averages 15.2 LBJ is currently averaging 27.7 a game… so where is Deng holding him.. if you are referring to last years playoffs where was Deng when the bulls got bounced in 5 games because Deng and the bulls let LBJ and D WADE go off in the fourth quarter…. If you were the bulls GM and you wouldn’t take Howard straight up for Deng i hope you get fired the next day if Howard signs that extension… you want to talk about someone defending Lebron with out a problem its HOWARD in the last 10 games against the magic LBJ is averaging 19 points 9 rebounds 6 assists.. Against the bulls 29 points 8 rebounds and 9 assists.. mac your right Deng is the only guy in the NBA that’s better then Howard against Lebron. i am a die hard bulls fan and i only wish one day that Howard would be on the bulls. He is a 2 time defending defensive player of the year and he averages almost a double double every game not to mention hes a lot more healthier then the injury prone DENG

  • Wolf McAlister

    This was my first time listening and I have to say it might be my last. You wouldn’t do Deng for Howard straight up? Are you crazy Mac?

    Abe made a lot of good points so I won’t repeat them. First off I’d like to say that whoever that Edward Bosco guy is on The Game podcast was made a really good point about Dwight Howard. He said it’d take a combo of Deng, Noah, Gibson or Asik and Charlotte’s number one. You have to think about what the Magic want and not just the best fit for you. If you guys have not heard it, check out the 30 minute mark or so of The Game. I really enjoyed the breakdown they did of the Howard situation and it makes a lot of sense.

    As far as Hamilton, look at how many games he’s played the last four years:

    GP GS

    ’07-’08: 72 72
    ’08-’09: 67 51
    ’09-’10: 46 46
    ’10-’11: 55 39

    This is a guy who has played in 82 games ONCE in his 12 year NBA career. This is a guy who has played in more than 75 games just 5 times. You knew exactly what you were getting in Richard Hamilton. Just like you knew what you were getting with Carlos Boozer. It would be foolish to assumed the playoffs will roll around and he’ll be healthy. Or that he’ll stay healthy. We don’t know. Also, that year he played in 46 games was not due to a feud. He was hurt. Andrew Bogut puts up great numbers…when he’s healthy.

    And John Lucas over Norris Cole? Really? I hope that was a joke too.

    Now for the two guard to could trade for. Stephen Jackson? Did you forget he’s owed $10 dollars next year? Did you forget he’s worn out his welcome in Milwaukee, Charlotte, Golden State, Indiana, etc. That’s the guy you want to bring into your locker room? Okay. Fine. Let’s do that. Oh wait, he’s owed a ton of money this year too. So say goodbye to two of these three guys: C.J. Watson, Kyle Kover and Ronnie Brewer. No trade exceptions so the Bulls have to match salaries. That’s pretty much the deal with any 2 guard you guys talk about. Allen, Lee, Mayo, Jackson, etc. By the way, the Bucks just dumped him on Golden State with Bogut for Ellis. They’d rather have an undersized two guard that doesn’t play defense then and injury prone center that is top five in the NBA.

    The cheapest two guard to get would be Nick Young making about $3 million this year. And do you really want a guy who shoots like Melo but has the streaky shooting touch of John Starks? Oh, and he’s a head case too, doesn’t play defense and Washington can’t wait to get rid of him.