Bulls Cast: Episode 16


In this episode of the Bulls Cast, Marco, Mac and Nick gear up for the playoffs as the regular season winds down. Who will be facing who in the first round of the NBA Playoffs? Can the Bulls survive with a 75% healthy Derrick Rose? Later in the show, the guys talk playoff bets. Pull up a chair, we bring the weird and we bring the funny.

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  • Wilberwood

    Both teams, the Heat and the Bulls, will be dog tired by the Eastern Conference finals. This shortened season is ridiculous and i am not sure we will be seeing the Playoffs that we have been waiting for..

  • Oakleyinc1975

    here is a prime example of just one case. I’m not saying that its the cause of the injuries but it sure affects it.. not to mention other athletes that have had serious foot problems over the last couple of years YAO(reebok) retired because of his foot Brandon jennings (under armor) broken foot. then click the link below and you will see a former addias athlete now nike athlete giving advice..