Hawks Cast: Episode 21


In this episode of the Hawks Cast, Justyna, Brennan and Joe sit down to talk some Blackhawk hockey….or at least what’s left of it. What did the crew think of Stan Bowman’s press conference? Who should the Blackhawks target this summer in free agency? Later in the show, the gang discusses the NHL playoffs. Are the Coyotes for real?

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  • Wilberwood

    Kane should be playing wing not center. He can play center, but why not go get a natural center and let kane do what he does best…

    • Brennan

      Thanks for the listen and comment!

      I was all alone on this one it seems. My thinking is, its an option that’s available. Kane is talented enough to do it. It’s like anything; takes time.

      That being said, if they can find a center that’s more fitting than say…morrison (younger, healthy etc) and not lose/spend grandpa’s coin collection im all for it.

      Any player(s) in mind?

  • Morpheus

    In all the NHL mock drafts they have the Hawks picking 21.  Is this just a projection or is this actually their pick, and how is this determined?

    • Brennan

      I was looking at that yesterday. Originally they had 15th i believe, but the last half of teams picks get shuffled and changed based on playoff outcomes.