Sound Off!

There never seems to be a dull moment in Chicago sports. Even when a given sport is out of season, there are plenty of topics to cover before the team reaches their first game. And when a team is in season, well there is plenty to talk about. So I introduce to you the Sound Off section. Each month, I sound off on what is currently going on in the world of Chicago sports. If you feel the need, respond under the comment section below.

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs currently sit tied for last place in the Majors. They are 15-29 and 10 games out of first place in the National League Central. So recently, because of the Cubs struggles, we have often heard the name of Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo was a player I said I felt would be the face of the franchise in a few years when the Cubs traded for him in the offseason.

But the current desperation calls for him to come up to the majors show which baseball fans lack knowledge for the game. If the Cubs wait just a few more weeks, the time will pass to where the Cubs will control Rizzo for another year under the arbitration clause in the collective bargaining agreement.

Yet I hear people on Chicago radio and elsewhere calling for Rizzo to be called up now. Their reason? Because this year’s team is currently is in last place and seem to be heading nowhere. By calling up Rizzo, the Cubs will be no better than they are now, and even a slight improvement would mean nothing to their future over the next three weeks.

This topic is one of the few in sports that is absolutely non-debatable. Why would you risk the future of your team when they may be competitive someday for three weeks of non-winning baseball? It is one of the dumbest arguments in this city in a while, and that is saying something.

Chicago White Sox

The White Sox sit 3.5 games back of the Cleveland Indians in the American League Central. We are currently approaching the month of June and the White Sox are still hanging around the top of the division, which is a win itself. As long as no team began to run away with the division in the first two months, any team stood a chance. The team who had the greatest opportunity to do so was the Detroit Tigers. Yet, they currently sit four games under .500 and six games back in the division.

With the dominance of Jake Peavy and Chris Sale, the White Sox have maintained a competitive edge this season. What really will decide the division is the bullpen, and the White Sox have a relatively young, unknown pen.

Addison Reed will now serve as the closer and it will be his job to turn an eighth inning win into a win in the standings. The White Sox head into June with a chance to stay in the playoff race and that’s about all they could have asked for. Production from Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko and Alex Rios means success for them going forward, but they need it from all three of them.

Chicago Bulls

What hurts from the Bulls first round exit against the Philadelphia 76ers is watching the rest of the playoffs. I have yet to see one team where I felt the Bulls couldn’t beat. Although I said for most of the season that I felt they couldn’t beat the Miami Heat, the Heat haven’t played how they did in the regular season.

With many offseason changes ahead for the Bulls, you never know when the best chance for them to win a championship would be. It could have been this season before the Derrick Rose ACL injury. So now the pressure is on Gar Forman and John Paxson to put together a roster that can once again be a top contender in the NBA next season. Anything less would be a failure.

Chicago Blackhawks

The Blackhawks made a splash in the locker room by firing assistant coach Mike Haviland. Haviland has been around since July of 2008 and seemed to be a coach the players respected. It is hard to sit back as a casual fan and understand what went on in the locker room and on the bench, but coach Joel Quinneville has really put himself out there by deciding to keep assistant Mike Kitchen.

Struggles next season would put “Coach Q” on the hot seat and a first round playoff exit for the third season in a row would not be accepted in the city of Chicago. The spotlight is on “Q”, so general manager Stan Bowman’s offseason will be huge in the future of the Blackhawks.

So what do you think Chicago? Where is your favorite team headed and what would you like to see them doing?

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