Hawks Cast: Episode 25


In this episode of the Hawks Cast, Brennan, Justyna and Joe hit the Stanley Cup Finals hard. Will the Devils make a comeback? Does anyone in Los Angeles care about the Kings? Will Joe ever get invited to a frat party? Later in the show, the crew puts the L.A. Kings PA announcer on blast.

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  • http://twitter.com/midway_brennan brennan

    Those young whipper-snappers are gonna love the radio show

  • Tk0n

    I’m not so sure Vokoun was brought in as a threat for Fleury. He’s a 35 year old goalie on a fading career but he’s much better than Brent Johnson (who was horrific last year). IMO he was just brought in to solidify the back up position a bit better. 

  • Tk0n

    Really good podcast, I enjoyed it :)