Midway Today: Episode 23


In this episode of Midway Today, Mac, Etheria and Lamar sit down to discuss everything that is happening in the Chicago sports world. The Cubs promoted Anthony Rizzo and the White Sox acquired Kevin Youkilis, what does this mean for each team? Will Matt Forte ever stop whining? Later in the show, the guys discuss the fate of Luol Deng and the Bulls.

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  • Lou

    Good comments guys. Really enjoyed the June 25th game with the Mets. When the Cubs get it together, they really get it together. It is too bad that LeHair is having so many problems. When you see him play, he seems to have such good potential, but that potential just never seems to present itself. Yes, it will be interesting to see Rizzo play for and with the Cubs.

  • Lou

    Sorry for the misspelling of LaHair…….. What a game last night with Rizzo gettinng two hits, a single his time at bat and a double, giving his team the winning run. He also looked good at first base, just like he had been there for years.