2012 MLB All Star Game Preview

On Tuesday night, there will only be one sporting event to watch around the entire world as Major League Baseball’s 83rd All-Star Game will take center stage.

The best players from all 30 MLB teams will come together at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City to not only provide entertainment for the fans but also to determine home field advantage for the World Series.

The rosters were announced last Sunday, but injuries to several players this past week have given new life to those snubbed from a bid to the Summer Classic. One such player is the Chicago White Sox Jake Peavy, who will replace the Angels’ C.J. Wilson after he was advised to let a blister on his middle finger heal over the break.

Another player that was highly anticipated to make his first appearance of many was rock-star celebrity Bryce Harper from the Washington Nationals. He recently received his invitation after a report announced the Marlins’ Giancarlo Stanton would not be available due to a right knee injury that requires immediate surgery.

The Braves’ Chipper Jones and Michael Bourn are also headed to replace Matt Kemp and Ian Desmond, respectively, and David Freese already won the Final Vote this past Thursday, resulting in four of the five NL candidates for the Final Vote making the trip to Kansas City.

Hopefully we are done with the drama and can just watch baseball at its best Tuesday evening.

American League manager Ron Washington had a difficult decision on his shoulders as to whom he should start with fantastic options that included Jered Weaver – who started last year’s game for the AL – Chris Sale and Justin Verlander.

A source has revealed that Washington has chosen the Tigers ace, Verlander, to make his exclusive first All Star start to an already impressive résumé.

Opposing him and throwing out the first pitch of the 83rd ASG game should be the San Francisco Giants Matt Cain, whose perfect game alone should earn him the nod from NL manager Tony La Russa. That and the fact it would be three-innings of three-up, three-down for Cain as he would be comfortable having his catcher, Buster Posey, making the calls as they would be on the same page before the game even starts. He would also be the fourth starter from the Giants, as Posey and he would join Pablo Sandoval and Melky Cabrera.

An argument for Mets knuckleballer R.A. Dickey could be made, but it shouldn’t as very few catchers know how to catch a knuckleball and trying to learn in a game that counts is not and should not be a viable option. The NL does not need pitches getting past Posey in the early frames and have to play catch-up for the remainder of the game.

As usual, the AL has its power hitters from top to bottom for the starters as well as for the reserves. The NL has its big named position players, but it is nowhere near as powerful or has the celebrity status as the AL does.

Nevertheless, where the NL lacks in bat power, it thrives on its arms. There is not a pitcher that will emerge from the bullpen that the AL will be excited to see. From Gio Gonzalez to Aroldis Chapman to Craig Kimbrel, it will be a difficult night for the AL to get hits in bunches, let alone several runs.

While the favorable option is say this will be a low scoring affair on both sides because of the strong pitching and how pitchers have dominated the game as of late, I think the Stars will surprise us and the score will be higher than expected—something like 8-6 or 11-8 sounds about right.

Oh yeah, and the NL will extend its All Star  winning streak to three as Kimbrel comes in for his first MLB All Star save.

I will also go out on a limb here and say the MVP will be Houston’s Jose Altuve for nothing more than a simple guess.

Who do you think will win the 83rd All Star Game and why? Who will be MVP?

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  • Brian Mastro

    So your basing the starter on whos catching cmon thats BS it is supposed to be the BEST pitcher which is Dickey all of his stats are better. And the perfect as a reason? i guess Humber should start in the AL then? cmon get a clue

    • http://twitter.com/midway_brennan brennan barry

      in theory the whole game is supposed to be about the best. yet Derek Jeter is still starting at shortstop. too bad every fan isnt as critical as you and vote for who actually deserves it. I award you 0 points for your comment and ban you from watching baseball for the rest of your life.