Bulls Free Agency: Day Two

Day Two of the NBA Free Agency period continues and for the fans wanting the Chicago Bulls to be aggressive, they are…sort of.

Let’s get this straight. If your definition of being aggressive is by acquiring Dwight Howard, expect to be disappointed. I once heard a song and the lyrics uttered “no chance in hell!” Those are the chances of that happening. But that’s fine; it is his loss.

Rest assured, though, the Bulls have gotten in contact with other players that could be just integral to the team for the short and long haul of a championship run.

While it appears more evident than ever that the Bulls will lose Omer Asik to the Houston Rockets – a deal that will overpay for him, quite frankly – Marcus Camby appears to be the back-up plan for losing him.

Camby is a 16-year NBA veteran who has a Defensive Player of the Year award to his resume. He might be 36 and is prone to injury, but the beauty of it is that he would be playing for the second unit. Camby is still an excellent defensive player, and unlike Asik, he can provide a better option offensively.

The search for a veteran point guard continues. It is well documented of the interest the Bulls have in Kirk Hinrich. He is being offered the veteran minimum. With him being a former Bull for seven seasons, fans know what he can contribute. Outside of running the offense, he’s a 3-point shooter and a stout defender.

Two more point guards have been added to the Bulls hit list: Willie Green and Derek Fisher. Green is a nine-year veteran who has become a serviceable NBA player. But the difference between himself and a Hinrich or Fisher is that he looks for his own offense more than usual. In fact, his primary position is shooting guard.

Derek Fisher is a fascinating choice. I’m a little shell-shocked that the Bulls are interested. He can run the offense, but it’ll be at a slow tempo. He provides the occasional charge, which is probably why he is on the Heat’s radar, can make big shots (just ask the San Antonio Spurs) and brings excellent leadership. However, he would be a hindrance defensively.

As far as Brandon Roy goes, according to HoopsHype.com, Coach Tom Thibodeau had a phone conversation with him. What was said remains a mystery, but if Roy is signed, the acquisition has a chance to be a high risk, high reward – emphasis on the HIGH reward.

Stay patient, Bulls fans, there seems to be progress even for just two days into free agency.

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