Bulls Sign Kirk Hinrich

So after about a week of sitting, the Bulls FINALLY strike on the free agent market by signing veteran point guard Kirk Hinrich to a two-year deal.

Throughout the first week of free agency, there have been an abundance of deals. The Nets traded for Joe Johnson, the Lakers traded for Steve Nash, the Heat signed Ray Allen and the T’Wolves (out of all teams) signed Brandon Roy.

Compared to those other acquisitions, the Bulls fall short on the impress-o-meter.

Quite frankly, there are going to be a few Bulls fans who appreciate this. On the other hand, there will be more who will feel unimpressed and ornery. I can just see it now on Twitter: “Is this what we waited for?!” Keep in mind, expletives are excluded.

While normally I would be one of those fans, I have come to the realization that there isn’t really much the Bulls could do in free agency.

Again, the Bulls are just trying to avoid going over the luxury tax.

For fans who truly don’t get the importance of that, luxury tax seems to comes off as loan interest.

Organizations can exceed the salary cap, but then that’s where the tax comes into play. It is mandatory to have to pay it for at least every five million exceeded. It rises the further a team goes over. They just don’t have to worry about the day-by-day charge…why can’t us college students receive that type of break?

So while the Bulls have signed their starting PG (temporarily), this could mean CJ Watson’s days in Chicago are numbered. Also, the team has to focus on bringing back sharp-shooter Kyle Korver and defensive ace Ronnie Brewer. Finally, the Bulls want to still bring back Omer Asik, but matching that offer set by the Rockets would be foolish.

With Hinrich’s signing completed, the Bulls have Courtney Lee, Derek Fisher, Michael Redd, just to name a few, still on their radar. The most that is known about the Bulls’ chances of signing any of these free agents is that they are, as of now, third in the running for Fisher.

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