Grading the Chicago Bulls offseason

It has been a month since free agency began, and we head into August when sporting news will be dominated by the Summer Olympics and the start of NFL Preseason.

Most of the free agent signings should be wrapping up soon. This year’s offseason is one that GM Gar Forman envisioned differently.

Before, the Bulls organization probably saw themselves looking for that one missing link, the second star. If not that, maybe the Bulls are NBA Champions and everything remains intact.

Unfortunately, one injury may have changed the entire complexion of the Bulls’ future.

If you don’t know whose injury I’m referring to, then I feel bad for you son (Jay-Z voice). But really, every sports fan – or, at least, every Chicago fan – should know.

With Derrick Rose down and out, the organization has unloaded. Pieces had to go, and those pieces were the group formerly known as the Bench Mob.

There is no more AsikBrewerKorverLucas III or Watson. Half of the chemistry this team once had is gone.

The biggest free agent acquisition, Kirk Hinrich, is back in a Bulls uniform and will start in place of Rose. The new and (hopefully) improved Bench Mob consists of Taj Gibson, Jimmy ButlerMarco BelinelliMarquis TeagueNazr MohammedVladimir Radmanovic and the recently signed Nate Robinson.

The Bulls won’t do anything major next season. They’ll be in the playoffs because it is the Eastern Conference. They will likely be a fifth seed, maybe fourth seed, at best.

Their efforts receive a B.

The bench void, on paper, fills in better than what was expected. Honestly, the Bulls recovered from its losses considering what could have been. Now granted, the Bulls bench could very easily be the best in the league had they signed the players targeted. The Bulls organization had just as many goose eggs during this period. But, in life, you can’t always get what you want – even if a certain team in LA makes it seem that way.

UPDATEThe Bulls have sparked interest in center Joel Przybilla. Przybilla was the ninth pick in the 2000 NBA Draft. Quite frankly, he must give some type of production if he’s still in the league from that draft class. Przybilla is an under-the-radar rebounder. His efforts weren’t appreciated till his days in Portland where he filled in for the injury-plagued Greg Oden. Other than that, no other players are on the Bulls’ radar.

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