Lochte Creating His Own Party In London

The opening days of the 2012 London Olympics has been a party and Ryan Lochte is the host. Lochte dominated the field with the second fastest 400-meter individual medley ever. Michael Phelps, arguably the greatest swimmer of our generation, finished fourth, more than four seconds behind Lochte and 0.34 seconds from the bronze medal. Brazil’s Thiago Pereira captured the silver, while Japan’s Kosuke Hagino settled for the bronze.

At the moment, Lochte is higher than a parakeet and floating with no parachute. He lost to Phelps 17 straight times in the 200-meter individual medley before finally beating him at the 2010 U.S. Nationals. Lochte had an encore at last summer’s World Championship in Shanghai, defeating Phelps in both the 200 freestyle and the 200 IM.

Entering the Olympics across the pond, it was previewed as a rivalry between Phelps and Lochte, moreover history’s title of the greatest swimmer was on the line. Phelps will swim seven events in London and has only won silver thus far in the men’s 4×100 freestyle relay. It is his 17th Olympic medal. He needs one more to tie Russian gymnast Larisa Latynina, two more to become the most adorned Olympic athlete of all-time. It is also the first silver medal on his Olympic career; he has 14 gold medals and two bronze.

But Lochte grabbed the headlines so far by racing the best race of his career. His gold-medal-opening win in the 400-meter individual medley was impressive. When the Olympics come to an end, he will have swam four individual events plus at least one relay, which he has already won silver in. The 200 IM race is the only head-to-head race that remains between Phelps and Lochte.

Can a young swimmer get gold anymore? Lochte was told he could not wear his jewelry encrusted grill on the medal stand. He was informed he would not receive his gold medal if he wore the piece. He kept it in his pocket until after the national anthem; at that point he popped it in and posed for the cameras. Talk about winning gold and getting grilled about it.