White Sox Bounce Back, Sweep Twins

Baseball is a funny game to follow as a fan sometimes.

After Detroit took the Chicago behind the wood shed, more than  a few Sox fans had that same ominous thought. The Tigers had finally emerged as who they were supposed to be coming out of Spring and the White Sox were starting to show who they really were. Three days later and the Sox will head into an off day at worst in a tie for first.

In came the Twins and in year’s past, they would have finished off the scuffling White Sox which is a thought I am sure plenty of fans had in the back of their mind.

But these aren’t the piranhas.

This Twins squad is more akin to a goldfish than a predator. And I am not talking a goldfish you would find at a pet store. I am talking about a goldfish in a plastic bag you win a carnival that dies before you get it home. The Twins are just pathetic. They don’t hit particularly well, they aren’t a great defensive team and their pitching is a hilarious mess. Other than that, they are a wrecking machine!

In fact the Sox are now 15-4 in their last 19 against the team they used to tip their cap to and call them daddy. They are 7-2 against the Twins this season. The tables have certainly turned.

In game one, Gavin Floyd walked a tight rope all game, but the double play saved him from disaster from the first inning on. A bases loaded no out first inning threat yielded only one run and Floyd would dance out of trouble the rest of the night. Despite six walks, Floyd only gave up two runs as he watched his offense hit long ball after long ball to get him the win.

Paul Konerko hit a three run homer in the bottom of the first and the scouts in attendance quickly wondered why they the hell they were here watching Francisco Liriano. The Twins lefty was chased in the third after a pair of two run bombs from Adam Dunn and Alex Rios.

Remember when I said Paul Konerko was injured and bad? About that…. Konerko homered twice this series and is now 16 for his 31.

In game two, the Sox trailed after six and heading into the night that was as good as a loss. Robin Ventura’s crew was 2-34 when trailing after six, but this is the Twins we are talking about after all. After a botched umpire’s meeting about a trapped ball, the Sox bats got angry and you wouldn’t like them when they’re angry. Adam Dunn became the first man to thirty home runs and now has nearly as many homers off lefties this year (9) as total home runs last year (11). From there the onslaught was on and the Sox poured it on to the tune of 11-4.

Game three saw more of the same from games one and two. The Sox didn’t even have to play good baseball to sweep these clowns out of Chicago. Jake Peavy pitched over a pair of defensive miscues from Dayan Viciedo. After a Viciedo error a walk and a double, Peavy struck out three in a row to end the inning. The tank would make amends with a home run and four RBI. Peavy would go six strong and the Sox broke out the brooms to bounce back from the disaster in Detroit.

The grind of a 162 game schedule wears on. The Sox are back in first and fans across the city have come in from the ledge.

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