Bears Left Tackle Still a Big Concern

As game one began to wind down and the average viewer struggled to identify many of the players on the field, one man stood out. Jamarcus Webb was still on the field in the 4th quarter during the Bears preseason opening clunker.

In a game where Lovie Smith held out Jay Cutler, Julius Peppers and Matt Forte, the potential starting left tackle was out there with eventual practice squad players. This was a game that featured a vanilla game plan that was cautious with all of it’s starters except for Webb.

What it tells you, is the glaring hole on the left side of the line is still just as big of an issue as it was last season. The move  was probably supposed to be motivation for Webb to see all his fellow starters take the night off while he was grinding away. What it told me is that the Bears just don’t have an answer for this important position.

Maybe all the motivation in the world won’t help a 7th round draft pick get better. Maybe he is what he was on draft day and we are fooling ourselves to think he can win a starting job. Chris Williams was out there late into the game as well and didn’t light the world on fire either.

It was an underwhelming night to say the least at left tackle.

Williams and Webb are not out there winning a job, they are stumbling over each other and one of them is going to fall into it. The passing game should look so much better with the addition of Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and the removal of Martz, but Cutler needs to remain upright for it to happen.

The offensive line as a unit was not good Thursday night. The running game was non existent and Bears quarterbacks were sacked six times. The 31-3 suck fest again pointed out a major weakness in the Bears offense. In the first preseason test, the offensive line failed.

On another note, Bears fans need to calm the bleep down. The team was a Super Bowl contender before that preseason game and a beat down on second and third team units doesn’t change anything. The Bears showed no cards against the Broncos. They didn’t open up the passing game anything remotely similar to what we have been watching in camp. Arguably their four best players didn’t play and Marshall barely broke a sweat before he exited.

The defensive line didn’t fare much better than their counter parts, but it’s a much different unit with out Peppers out there. Stephen Paea was disappointing and there was no pressure on Manning while he was in the game, but it isn’t something to freak out over…yet

News and Notes

  • Brian Urlacher was back in Bourbonnais today, but not practicing.
  • Major Wright is practicing.
  • Williams and Webb appear to be sharing first team reps at LT
  • The Bears signed a pair of linebackers,  Xavier Adibi and K.C. Asiodu

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