Blackhawks Fans Not Deterred At Ticket Window

Ladies and gentlemen, have I got a great idea for all of you. Imagine you have the opportunity to purchase a ticket to an exclusive event. An event that happens only 41 times from October to early April, more or less every year. It’s exciting, fast paced, and highly skilled. And for the price of admission, roughly $70-$100, you can sit back and enjoy it all. Except this time around, there’s a catch…

I’ll hide no facts and I’ll tell no lies. There’s a good chance your ticket will end up “as useless as that lemon-shaped rock over there”. Now, how many of these “Maybe” tickets would you like to purchase?

I don’t know about you, but if that sales pitch was on my front porch, I wouldn’t be able to close the door fast enough. Offering anything of value, which on any given day could be deemed worthless and unusable, is absurd.

I’m of course talking about the current situation all NHL franchises find themselves in, with the cloud of uncertainty looming in regards to a potential work stoppage/lockout. One could only assume that John Q. Public is still struggling in “this economy of ours” and isn’t willing to toss away his hard earned dollars” on something that might prove to be garbage.

While recording the most recent episode of the Hawks Cast, we eventually reached this topic of discussion. I was shocked to hear that people purchased tickets to Chicago Blackhawks games when they went on sale Monday morning. Not just bought, but bought a lot of them. That isn’t to say I’m not optimistic about an agreement being reached. I am. But to hear how unhappy the fans are with the leagues current situation, along with constant reminders of the tough times our country is going through (which I don’t mean to trivialize), I was nearly floored.

Hawks ticket director Chris Werner in an interview with Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune, spoke at length of how all internet servers and phone lines had reached capacity and stayed that way on Monday. He also noted that the Hawks accomplishments in recent history have added a sense of urgency.

“The thing that has had a greater impact more than anything else is the last several years of sold-out games and people realize that the number of tickets is limited so they need to act early to get in,” Werner said.

He noted that a lot of games are left with standing room only and/or single seats spread across the United Center.

The Hawks have led the NHL in attendance for the past four years and have a string of 190 consecutive sellouts. Take into account that season ticket holders – according to Werner – are renewed at 99 percent with the waiting list growing to more than 11,000, Hawks fans clearly aren’t afraid of any labor disagreements ruining a chance to be at the Madhouse. It seems they’re afraid of being late to the party.

It’s a stressed time for the NHL owners and the NHLPA who face the possibility of a third work stoppage since the 1990’s.

Are the fans buying these tickets to say they’re not worried about it? They believe an agreement can be reached? They don’t care? If an agreement isn’t reached and their purchases become obsolete, will they then become angry?

It’s great to see them still supporting the franchise, regardless of who they may blame. However, as far as my optimism (and my wallet) goes, I’ll hold off until a victory against Columbus on Opening Night becomes reality.

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  • Dude

    I went on the website, usually takes a waiting period, looking for tickets. Lastyear was several minutes, this year was instant. no waiting at all! Not sure I believe this story

    • brennan barry

      have you by any chance improved your internet service recently? i’m not gonna make up information passed along from the Blackhawks ticket director of all people.

      But, clearly you bought tickets. So of the questions i posed, which was it: You’re not worried about a lost season? Think an agreement can be reached? Dont care? Which games did you buy them for? Early in the season? Late?

      • dude

        No I decided not to buy tickets, just saying there was no waiting time for them,

        • brennan barry

          interesting. i would’ve bet that sales would be down a lot. bit of a head scratcher that they sold so many

    • I Believe In Harvey Dent

      “Not sure I believe this story”
      what part exactly? That the Hawks have led in attendance for 4 years? that season ticket waiting lists have increased? That there is a chance there wont be a season?
      He didnt say anything about people having to wait to buy tickets. He said that enough people were buying them that the servers were at or near capacity. thats just traffic jargon, you square-peg.
      I hope you bought glass seats for an original six matchup and theyre wasted, chump.

      • It’s Called a sweater

        Hahahaha Well said sir

      • dude

        Just saying my experience, no need for the hate

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