Chad Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence

Multiple news reports have stated that Saturday night, Miami Dolphins WR Chad Johnson was arrested for domestic violence.

Those reports implied that Johnson head-butted his new wife, Evelyn Lozada, during an argument that was said to be about condoms.

Now to fans that are hearing this story, some may conclude that he’s a bad guy or typical jerk, but let’s not jump to conclusions on the guy for one mistake – albeit one that is practically a written rule not to make.

Remember, prior to this arrest, Johnson’s record had next to no blemishes – unless anyone wants to count his college arrest.

This guy isn’t your typical troublesome athlete. Sure, he does goofy things, but that’s just Chad being Chad. All he has done for most his career is make insensitive, yet hysterical, jokes via Twitter, talk trash, and then back it up with his end zone celebrations. Compared to what people, not just athletes, do on the norm, his antics are nothing to cry a river about.

It has to be kept in mind what Chad does outside football.

A then-grieving widow on Twitter, by the name of Cheryl Minton, sent Johnson a tweet about praying for her as she had just lost her husband. With that in mind, he took it upon himself to make travel arrangements and invite Ms. Minton to his wedding. Seriously, how many athletes and celebrities can anyone say would do this? Not to mention, the man has over a million twitter followers. It would be real easy for him to miss that tweet.

Also, a few years back, when he was in Charlotte, Johnson invited the first 85 of his twitter followers to dine at a Chima Brazilian Steakhouse where dinner was on him. This isn’t just a one gesture thing. According to, it has been said he shows up to cities and randomly does this.

How about the time he responded to a nine-year-old boy in a homeless shelter who was a fan of his? He only sent him an autographed jersey and met him in person. The boy said it was the best day of his life.

He genuinely cares, and appreciates his fans to the fullest. I’ve been following him on Twitter for some time myself. I’ve seen this guy take requests like getting a twitter celeb to say hi to someone or even trying to play Cupid matchmaker. Oh, and by the way, for you gamers out there, he regularly plays Xbox Live. He challenges others to games like FIFA and Madden, while talking the biggest trash to  you like you guys were best friends.

This guy isn’t your typical athlete to despise, even if you want to. I may love sports, but many athletes tend to grind my gears with their attitude. Not this one.

Yes, he made a mistake. Hitting, let alone head-butting, a woman is totally unacceptable.

But for how many bad things done will turn into another good deed? This is one blemish, as opposed to several gestures that make him out to practically be a Good Samaritan.

I had originally planned to write a piece on Johnson about all the good things he has done. In lieu of tonight’s news, I believe this will provide some reassurance to some people who may have decided to become critical of him.

I’m certain he is embarrassed for what he has done, and will be apologetic to all his Twitter fans, as well as the Miami Dolphins organization. Most of us are generally going to jump the gun on an athlete who gets into trouble, often times showing no remorse to them because they are just that. However, if there is any athlete that deserves the benefit of the doubt, it would be him.

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  • Jimmy Johnson knows all

    I seriously doubt he head butted his wife on purpose. Careful chad, you might end up like antwan….