Fan Reaction: Will Cub fans embrace a White Sox World Series Victory?

1906 was a long time ago…

It has been an up and down season for Chicago baseball fans. The up being the Chicago White Sox in first place, and the down being the Chicago Cubs finishing with what is soon to be another below-.500 record.

It is rare for both teams to be in playoff contention. In fact, this has only occurred in the years 1906 and 2008.

So, whenever there is one team in the mix, would it be wrong to assume one fan base shifts their support to the other team come October?

Better yet, let’s just say this year the White Sox hold off the Detroit Tigers for the AL Central. What if the White Sox were to advance to the World Series and win; would the White Sox have the support of Cub fans? According to Emanuel Jones, it doesn’t matter to him.

“I would feel indifferent ‘cause as much as Sox fans think they are relevant to us, they really aren’t,” he said, “We are focused on our team and what they’re doing…it’s not like we check the score every night to see if the Sox won or lost…the Sox are a non-factor to the Cubs .”

Ouch! Here, one fan couldn’t give the response without the method of trash-talking. It’s ok, though. He’ll be dealt with later.

Another fan, Hakeem Kudaisi, took a more humble approach.

“Though I am a South-Sider, I rep the ‘da Cubs. But if the Sox won the World Series, it would be cool,” he said. “Because anytime a Chicago team wins a championship, it’s a big event. As for the cubs, that would be a century’s worth of pressure to deal with. If they won World Series, all I can say is total chaos.”

Total chaos would be an understatement. I really believe there would be a riot when, and if, that happens.

This final point of view is from someone who really isn’t a Cub fan, and definitely not a Sox fan. Kelly Wyatt thinks the competitiveness would keep him from cheering for the other side.

“Well, the rivalry … you always wish the worst of your rival,” he said, “sometimes it’s not even because you hate them or hate the players, it’s because of tradition.”

Wyatt proceeds to throw in the example of the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry. Believe it or not, from what he has noticed, not all Boston fans hate New York fans. He believes it is the just the competitive instinct they show through sports.

Nonetheless, reactions seem to depict an aversion to fan crossover, and that’s understandable. I’m a Sox fan, and I couldn’t definitively say I’d root for the Cubs if they had a shot to win it all.

Dave Reich, a former Sox fan, thinks that the Cubs fans should be upset if the Sox broke through again.

“I would be upset because the Cubs made changes to important positions, talked a big game, yet the other team won it all,” he said.

Needless to say, to know that if “the other team” were to bring home the trophy would and should add more pressure and embarrassment to a still proud organization and fan base.

Would it be the worst thing in the world for Cub fans? Not at all. However, there would be an increasing level of difficulty for the Cubbie blue fan base partaking in the usual ‘which team’s better’ dispute.

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