Konerko Concussion Exposes Sox Bench Void *Update*

You would think you would hear more about it in baseball, but the concussion that Paul Konerko suffered in a Chicago White Sox loss Wednesday caught everyone completely by surprise.  For a man who was beaned in the head earlier this year with no sustaining injuries, a concussion from an inadvertent elbow seems strange.  With the Sox off Thursday, this gives Konerko a little bit of a breather before the team decides to put him on the disabled list.  However, that isn’t the 15-day disabled list, but instead the 7-day disabled list, which was created last season specifically for players that suffer concussions.

If Konerko does go on the shortened DL, it raises the question of who will start at first base for a week.  It also shows how glaring a hole the Sox have right now on bench. Featuring a rag-tag bunch of players in Orlando Hudson, Tyler Flowers, Jordan Danks and recent call-up Ray Olmedo, the team doesn’t have many viable options.  In getting the pieces he wanted for his starting lineup, Kenny Williams has neglected the bench a bit, meaning that when a big player like Konerko goes down, there really isn’t anyone there who can decently fill that void.

Brent Lillibridge and Eduardo Escobar certainly sufficed earlier this year.  While their numbers were never too high, they each came through with some timely hits and good defense.  With the current bench, all you really have are question marks.  Hudson seems lost after losing his position to the superior Kevin Youkilis, Olmedo is a career minor leaguer and Danks is just really beginning to figure out life in the major leagues.  This thin reserve line shows that the White Sox can’t handle any injuries down the stretch here.  Thankfully, Konerko’s time away will be relatively short.  However, if someone does end up going down for an extended time, it could easily spell trouble.


The White Sox have placed Paul Konerko on the seven day disabled list with a concussion. He is eligible to return next Friday against Kansas City, but as of today  he was still having symptoms. Concussions are different for everyone. He could return after seven days, or he could be held out longer, it is impossible to tell.

The team will announce a roster move tomorrow.

A potential replacement could be last year’s game 162 shocking hero Dan Johnson. He crushed a home run down the line for the Rays in last year’s thrilling final night of the season off Mariano Rivera. Johnson is hitting .266 with an OBP of .396 and 25 homers for the Charlotte Knights.

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