Miami Dolphins Release Chad Johnson

A day after Chad Johnson was arrested for domestic violence, the Miami Dolphins released the charismatic wide receiver on Sunday.

Johnson, who prior to this arrest had a blemish-free record, allegedly head-butted his wife, Evelyn Lozada, during an argument.

This unfortunate turn of events may cost him his career in football, but if not that, this quote of his may have: “I don’t give a f–k!; I don’t give a f–k about my career!”

It would be an understatement to say that was a poor choice of words.

His domestic violence issue is a concern, yes. In fact, considering it’s his first serious blemish over the duration of his 12-year NFL career, Johnson could’ve garnered another shot to play.

But thanks to his statement – which he probably would take back if he could – his career is likely over.

Johnson should know he’s already on the ropes, fighting for a roster spot every step of the way. He wasn’t even guaranteed a spot on the Dolphins, actually.

Sending that kind of message is alarming to NFL coaches and GMs. For his sake, it would beneficial for him to hope they all have some form of amnesia.

However, let’s just say someone is still willing to take a gamble on the artist formerly known as ‘Ochocinco.’  Potential suitors that come to mind are the Jets, Broncos and Bills.

If Tim Tebow isn’t the topic of discussion, the Jets’ need for receivers is. They are looking for a deep threat for Mark Sanchez. Besides, the Jets are known for having a roster full of knuckleheads. Rex Ryan wouldn’t mind having this one around.

And then there’s Peyton Manning and the India…Denver Broncos.

I always thought it was perplexing, yet foolish, for him to choose the Broncos over the 49ers. But maybe that’s why Manning did so. He’s looking for another challenge. The challenge could be somewhat easier for him if he could land a receiver who has some credentials to his name. The wide-out core for Denver is still less-than-spectacular.

The Bills were never on my radar, until linebacker Nick Barnett’s tweet caught my attention: “Ok maybe am crazy… But I think I kinda would like 2 explore picking up Chad Johnson.. He is mad @ NE now mad @ Mia… = good for Buf?? Lol.”

Sounds logical enough.

But as I said before, his career is likely over, despite still having something left in the tank. It’s never wise to give the impression that you don’t care about doing what you do as a profession. Why still play if you don’t care? I’ve defended Johnson, but I simply cannot on this matter. He is now on a much different road, one that most likely will not involve football anytime soon.

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