Midway Madness Caption Contest

Welcome to the very first Midway Madness Caption Contest. Below we have a picture of Charles Tillman getting stretched out before practice. It just so happens that immature sports fans find this sort of thing funny. The rules are simple: in the comment box below, write the most witty, funny and possibly inappropriate phrase or thought bubble. Write “Tillman” or “Trainer” before each thought bubble. So it should look something like this:

Tillman: Are you sure this is a real stretch?

Trainer: Trust me bro. Revis’ trainer does this all the time.

The winner of this contest, which will be decided based upon comment likes and a staff vote, will win a Midway Madness t-shirt!


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  • Toddharris08

    Tillman: i dont think we should do this here
    Trainer:just relax noones paying any attention. We do it all the time

  • Tommyd

    Tillman: I did this with my wife last night….except I was where you are.

    Trainer: Ya I did this with your wife last night too except I was where you are.


    Chicago Bears prepare for annual preseason human sacrifice to Ditka.

  • http://twitter.com/hawknut Hackett

    Peanut, have you SEEN the Lions and Packers offenses? Trust me, you’re going to be in this position A LOT.

  • Rickybobby

    Tillman: would you be mad if I farted.
    Trainer: no go ahead it’s a part of my job

  • GoogleyEyes

    Tillman – How come you dont smile at me anymore
    Trainer – We need to work past this

    • Mackinley Salk

      Oh man this one may be my front runner!

    • Mackinley Salk


  • HotSleeper

    Trainer – “Remember that one time you were doing squats and you shit yourself?”

  • YoPlaitDietSmoothie

    Ok, now hold this position while I unbuckle my pants.

  • CommissionerFlashGordon

    Trainer: Still think Green Lantern is better than Batman!? Do you!!?
    Tillman: NO!