Midway Today: Episode 32


In this week’s episode Pat, Mac and Eric discuss the news that Brian Urlacher went to Germany for Regenokine Therapy in the offseason. Will he be ready for week one? The guys gush about how good the Bears offense looks with real weapons for Jay Cutler and question if the safeties will be healthy for the regular season. Later on they open up the Midway Mailbag and take your questions.

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  • http://twitter.com/midway_brennan brennan barry

    treatment sounds a lot like stem cells…cycle the blood, flush it, and send it back into the patient. Now, if it’s for some sort of muscle damage…thats where the similarities end. i’d have to assume they put in some sort of “healing agent” (read: snake oil/germany) that’d be…something.
    Lou Cannelis smiles too much to be a sports guy. And he used to be the Food Critic on ABC. He can pound sand for all i care.

  • Bmack

    I think there is a possibility that Rose will leave. I’m a
    Chicagoan myself but the team we have is not enough to compete in this new NBA.
    We are a big market city, but the management teams run the Bulls like a small
    market franchise. They pay average players like Deng large contracts. They have
    people in place that have an old school way of thinking For example, they believe
    if we play great defense ONLY then we can place ourselves in a position to win.
    While this is true you have to score also. The Bulls management is cheap too. They
    won’t even pay Thibs the money he deserves after he coached a team with one
    player who can create his own shot to the Eastern conference finals and the
    best record in the league twice. You got to think players around the league are
    looking at how cheap the Bulls organization can be. If I was a free agent I
    would not want to play under this management team. The Bulls need not only a
    second all-around player they need they need three all-around players to place
    themselves in a position to win. Knowing the Bulls management they won’t do it because
    they believe they are missing on more piece they actually need two. To make a
    long story short the Bulls Management is horrible and I wouldn’t necessarily
    cancel out Rose leaving the Bulls.