Northwestern’s Veteran Receiver: Demetrius Fields

Many talented players have come through and performed for Northwestern over the years and while they’ve received high praise and accolades, they also left a mark on the program.

One player who has gone under the radar somewhat has been senior wide receiver Demtrius Fields. Fields has played in every game for Northwestern since his freshman season in 2009.

While most members of the media and fans have begun to discuss Northwestern’s depth of wide receivers this season, Fields continues to put the necessary work in to flourish this season for the Wildcats.

“I think now people are starting to take notice,” Fields said. “We’ve been deep [as long as] I’ve been here.”

The Wildcats enter this season with a ton of optimism which is shared throughout the team and boast one of the more talented receiving corps in the Big Ten. With Fields, Kyle Prater, Christian Jones and Rashad Lawerence, Northwestern could have a potent offense this season.

Wildcats head coach Pat Fitzgerald understands the attention his receivers have gotten so far but agrees with Fields that this isn’t the only time they’ve been very deep at the position.

“This group looks to be as deep as it was when we had that three-headed monster a few years ago with [Eric] Peterman, [Ross] Lane, and [Rasheed] Ward,” Fitzgerald said. I like receivers who can block so that’ll be how we get that depth and how they get the ball.”

Fields has become a good player for the Wildcats although his stats aren’t gaudy or pretty looking, his consistency to remain injury-free and on the field has led him to earning respect in the locker room. Last season, Fields had career-highs in receptions (32), yards (382) and touchdowns (3).

Northwestern has been known to employ a four wide receiver set on some plays and at times even five wide receivers are on the field. The Wildcats will more than likely use this formation again this season due to their quality depth at the position.

With any new season, teams set goals and for Fields, the Wildcats have set a goal to have the best wide receivers in the country, not just the conference.

“Our goal is to be the best in the country,” Fields said. “I truly believe we can be the best in the country”

Fields mentioned that this group off wide receivers put in a ton of work during the offseason and with their individual talents, reaching their goal shouldn’t be difficult. Although Fields spoke about the goals of the wide receivers this season, he also expressed his expectations for the entire team.

“I expect us to contend for the Big Ten championship,” Fields said. “Anything less than that is disappointing. As a player, I want to be somebody that contributes.”

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