Would Derrick Rose Ever Leave Chicago?

Stan Van Gundy made headlines again, but it doesn’t have anything to do with coaching (or Dwight Howard) this time.

Earlier in the week, Van Gundy made comments on AM-740’s “The Game” about Derrick Rose being next to go, citing that eventually he will wonder if he can win alone. He has every right to make this kind of statement, as it’s a question that has come up and will linger until the Bulls click.

It seems like we’re in an era of superstars joining forces, and the Boston Celtics are to blame for that.  But considering Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen were exiting their prime years, it was now or never to win an NBA title. Not to mention, both had went 10+ seasons without winning one. They certainly practiced patience.

Although, it’s likely this may have influenced players like LeBron James, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul to move on as soon as possible. It wasn’t just the success the original Big Three achieved, but none of them wanted to wait until after their prime years escaped them; after all, the Celtics trio only won one championship. Things may have been different if the trade happened three or four years prior.

James is now experiencing the benefits of winning with another superstar, and likely isn’t done. If Howard is intelligent, he will soon experience it with the Lakers over a short period of time. Heck, Kevin Durant is noticing the effect too. However, he’s lucky the franchise he plays for has had the hot hand in recent NBA Drafts.

I can’t really fathom Rose leaving Chicago. It just isn’t in his nature to do so. He and Durant seem to be the only two superstars committed to their organizations. Both of them have signed extensions before their contracts expired.

But simultaneously, I don’t really expect the Bulls to get Rose another superstar. Howard was probably the last chance and he listed Chicago as one of the teams he wouldn’t play for.

For those who think the Bulls don’t want to put the forth the money, yeah, that could be the case. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time. But take this into account – with the rate of stars joining forces, would any of them want to leave their franchises? Would James leave Miami? Would Howard leave L.A.? Would CP3 leave L.A.? With a majority of the current stars moving on to other organizations -and receiving better opportunities – the Bulls wouldn’t really have anyone to choose from.

Rose would have to join one of them to garner a shot. By the time that happens, most of the current superstars will be out of their prime. It’ll be Durant, Rose, and maybe Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers.

Could he join the Thunder? I strongly doubt it unless Russell Westbrook isn’t there. He could be a Hornet, assuming those two prospects pan out. He could always be traded, but it’s too soon to determine what trade scenarios could happen.

In retrospective, Rose is stuck. Things could change five or six years from now. Unfortunately, signs are pointing to him being the next superstar to not a win a championship.

Rose is loyal and humble to the highest degree. Even if the situation got tough, he wouldn’t leave. To quote Charles Barkley, “I may be wrong, but I doubt it.” The same was said about James, but he left clues. Take a look at his gesture immediately after the Cavs were eliminated in 2010. There’s a distinct difference between being agitated and acting nonchalant.

The hope is that Rose can force the organization into making moves.

If Rose is vocal like Kobe Bryant was back in the summer of 2007, then this topic of discussion won’t be of any concern. Can he be more vocal? At some point, he will need to be. Or it could be his downfall.

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