Cubs Split With Pirates in a Never-Ending Series

As I sat in a Wrigleyville restaurant waiting out Monday night’s seemingly endless rain delay, I half wondered why the hell I was wasting my time waiting to watch a meaningless baseball game. The other half of me caught something out of the corner of my eye, a man dressed in a full Cubs uniform walking sullenly down Clark Street. That man was Ronnie Woo Woo, the heart and soul of the Cubs in his own right. And to see him walking down the street like that, alone in the rain, was a very sobering experience.

Call me emotional, or what have you, but first and foremost, I’m a fan, and I’m very invested in this team. And to imagine what Ronnie Woo Woo goes through on a daily basis is nearly unfathomable. It’s amazing, really. But that moment Monday night made me stop and think about what a bust of a season it’s been, and how it affects the fans. Sure, there have been flashes of brilliance and spectacular individual feats, but as Theo Epstein said, next season will probably be more of the same. Can Cubs fans handle another doozy of a season? Maybe by 2014 someone will invent some kind of selective memory eraser so we can forget games like these.

Friday, the Cubs continued their quest to spoil the Pirates’ playoff hopes. Both Anthony Rizzo and Brett Jackson returned to the lineup after their respective injuries. Rizzo wasted no time returning to old form, driving in two runs, while Starlin Castro drove in four. Rookie Chris Rusin earned his first win in four starts in the Cubs’ 7-4 win.

Saturday didn’t go so well for the Cubs, who sent out their 12th starting pitcher on the season, Jason Berken. He only went four innings, giving up eight hits and six runs (two earned). And while the offense made a case in the ninth, Dave Sappelt struck out with the bases loaded to end the game. We’ve never heard that story before; the Cubs lost 7-6.

On Sunday, Rizzo was the hero, in a fashion that fans hope will continue for many years to come. He hit two home runs, one of which was his first career grand slam, and knocked in six runs on the day. Just when fans thought all was lost, the Rizz Kid swooped in and saved the day in a 13-9 win that took four hours and four minutes.

You would’ve thought the series ended there, but oh no, there was another game for your viewing displeasure! After a three hour, 37 minute rain delay, the game finally started at 10:42 p.m. and ended at 1:28 a.m. Travis Wood had a solid outing, but the Cubs just couldn’t muster a run, and lost 3-0. Only a few fans stuck around for the game, and Soriano told the Chicago Tribune, “I knew they were drunk because they waited three hours.”

And for those who were wondering, ESPN’s Doug Padilla tweeted that Ronnie Woo Woo ended up at the game after the delay. Someone’s got to hold down the fort, no?

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