Gamblers Phenomynous: Week Two

If you want to hear my thoughts on that nightmare at Lambeau Field last night, you can here. It’s time to move on to more important things.

Before we get to the picks, I have been thinking about the NHL lockout the last couple of days. Remember when the NFL was in a labor dispute last season? There was coverage 24 hours a day. If Roger Goodell sneezed, it was reported. Do you see any of that for the NHL?

Not really. You have to actively seek out the news here because a lot of people just don’t care. Hockey is still in fourth of the major American sports. It seems to me like a lot of casuals are going to look at the calendar and then wonder why that niche sport on ice hasn’t started up yet when it does lock down tomorrow.

The point is, how can the NHL not see this? A sport that is just starting to scratch its way into the main stream again is going to now have to survive its second lockout in a decade? Good luck. Anytime the NHL gains traction, they cannot help but stumble over themselves. When the sport goes away this time, it is going to have to hit the reset button on the run its been on since Sidney Crosby started the Renaissance five years ago with back-to-back battles with the Red Wings in the Cup.

I look forward to watching the Stanley Cup playoffs on channel 943 when it returns next season.

But that’s not why you clicked. You are here for the degenerate picks of the week. And why wouldn’t you be after that outstanding 2-6 start last week? It can’t get worse, let’s go!

Futures Update:

Bucs over six wins: It wasn’t pretty, but the Bucs did what they had to do to get a W at home versus the Panthers. Doug Martin looked great and the defense looked like they have taken on that toughness that new head coach Greg Schiano has been trying to instill in them. So far so good, five more to go.

Bears win total over 8.5: Well it was rainbows and unicorns after week one. They could do no wrong against the Colts. Then they traveled to Green Bay and we found out the offensive line still sucks. Who knew? It may be too early to crown them in the North, but this is still a playoff team.

Redskins win total under 6.5: Well, they already cost me dearly in week one. I wasn’t sold on RGIII and he made a fool out of me at New Orleans. I will reserve my judgement until he plays a real defense, but this one looks bad early.

And on to Week Two:

NCAA (1-3)

USC -8 @ Stanford: After losing three in a row to Stanford, Matt Barkley and company can rejoice as Andrew Luck has moved on to the NFL. Too much Trojan offense here. The Cardinals are allowing nearly 300 yards through the air against nobodies. Barkley will continue his Hesiman run as USC wins by double digits.

UCLA -17 vs Houston: Houston’s offensive coordinator has already abandoned ship and the Cougars might as well pack it in after losses to Texas State and Louisiana Tech. UCLA’s offense with Johnathon Franklin will do whatever they please in a 24+ point win.

Virginia Tech -10 @ Pittsburgh: I can hear you already, you chalk playing biaatch! What can I say, Pittsburgh is just dreadful. Too many new starters and a QB that cannot throw the ball down the field. I see a number of turnovers in their future this week and this should get out of hand in the second half.

NFL (1-3)

Panthers and Saints Over 51: I was leaning Panthers +3 but I think the total is the safer play here. Both games last season went over this number and both defenses are still bad. Cam Newton and Drew Brees should both put up 300 yard/3 TD days and when you see the halftime score, we can both coast the finish line together.

Titans +6 @ Chargers: We have a bruised and battered Chargers team. No Ryan Matthews with a questionable Antonio Gates. The Titans are coming off a dismantling by the Patriots. I am a Jake Locker believer and this Chargers team didn’t beat the Raiders, the Raiders beat the Raiders. As long as the Titans don’t pull someone off the street to do the long snapping, I like them to be in this one until the final whistle.

Time for the LOCK OF THE WEEK.

49ers -6.5 vs Lions: Did you know West Coast teams cover night games at nearly a 70 percent clip vs traveling East Coast teams? The 49ers defense is the best in the business. They took on a better version of the Lions last week on the road in Green Bay and if not for a bogus special teams touchdown, the score would have looked as convincingly as it did on the field.




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  • mark de rosa

    Haha I love this how have I not seen this before. Your right about all except that chsrgers pick, the chargers have a lot of new weapons at wr and should dismantle an already battered titans who have a questionable qb in locker. Save your money and put it on the 49ers lock instead.

    • mark de rosa

      Hope you saved that Titans money what did I tell you….

      ~Ladanian Tomlinson

      • Pat Sheehan

        Haha yeah that didn’t go well. Niners however YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH