Cutler Faces Continued Backlash from On-Field Antics

Everyone in the national media has weighed in on Jay Cutler since his verbal tongue lashing and shoulder bump on J’Marcus Webb in Thursday’s loss to the Packers.

I have heard the term ‘mutiny’ thrown out, and also that the Bears might have to make a change at QB, per Bill Cowher. Terry Bradshaw told McNiel and Spiegel that what he has seen suggests he doesn’t really want to meet Cutler.

Team mutiny seems a little far fetched, no? If the Steelers can win a pair of Super Bowls with Ben Roethlisberger, I think the Bears can tolerate Cutler. By all indications, nobody in the state of Pennsylvania actually likes their quarterback, but they continue to chug along every season.

Whether or not Bradshaw ever sits down with #6 isn’t going to make me toss and turn at night. Plenty of personalities that didn’t mesh with the media have succeeded and this league. Winning cures everything and with Cutler, the Bears are 26-19 with him under center.

But when teammates start speaking out, one must question if there really is a problem. D.J. Moore was the first to do it. Moore told reporters that, “when you act like that with your own teammates on the sideline, it’s just something different that you normally wouldn’t do. So you might say it in the locker room or something, but to do it like he did it, it’s just weird.”

He later added that all Cutler needs to do is “throw a couple of passes, forget about it next week”. Moore started to question his quarterback, but by the end of the questioning, admitted that winning is going to make that go away.

I have no problem with Cutler chastising Webb about his terrible play on the sideline because Webb was guilty. Hell, it says a lot about a supposed starting left tackle that he just sat there and took it. Everyone watching in primetime saw Aaron Rodgers on the other sideline verbally abusing James Jones for breaking off a route leading to an interception. It is perfectly acceptable to make sure your guys accountable for their mistakes, but when you make four of your own, you have to as well.

Cutler was bad Thursday, regardless of how many times Clay Matthews body slammed him into the turf. Four interceptions is simply unacceptable. After a while, it looked like he just said, ‘screw it, I am going to chuck this thing and see what happens.’ Cutler had happy feet and didn’t keep his cool.

All he needed to do after collecting himself in the locker room was go to the press conference and simply say, ‘the bad play starts with me tonight, I was bad and I need to play better.’ That’s it. He could spout off on the offensive line as much as he wanted after that, but as quarterback, he needs to carry some of that himself.

It won’t make the Bears better, and it’s not going to make them beat the Packers next time around, but it avoids all the unnecessary nonsense surrounding the Bears in the media this week. If Cutler takes accountability for his mistakes, the Webb scene is a non-issue.

I don’t see this as a thing that can submarine this team and Cutler is not going to become a different person at this stage of his life, but shouldering some of the blame is all he needs to do.

After all, Cutler can have the worst body language in the world on the sidelines and he can be as arrogant as he wants in his media sessions, but he needs to accept accountability and win football games. That’s all that matters.

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