NFL Refs Lockout Ends

The last act of the replacement referees errr Scabs will be sabotaging the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. #NeverForget

Despite Roger Goodell telling us games would go on without a hitch and these guys were more than a capable, the NFL and the Officials have ended the lockout. Back to back nights of prime time embarrassment may have sped up the process.

The ruling on the field, these replacements are terrible.

First it was the Ravens and Patriots ending with Bill Belicheck hunting down a scab like he had just run over his dog. The teams combined for 24 penalties including 13 flags that resulted in a first down which is an NFL record.

Things would get much worse for the former Lingerie League and Division III cast offs. It’s been beaten to death by now, but the Packers Seahawks ending was one of worst robberies I have ever seen. The embarrassment exploded onto twitter and into the national news. It wasn’t that these guys were missing calls, they were completely incompetent.

This was a deal that had to get done and it did. The three month lockout ends on the heels of the Ravens Browns Thursday night clash.

Early reports are that an eight year agreement has been reached and the officials will officially vote Saturday morning. It is believed a regular NFL union crew will be working the Thursday night game. Details are sure to follow, but a higher salary and disputes over pensions and 401k plans were the big issues.

The real refs are back and it is time to rejoice… Until the first blown call against your favorite team of course.

Forte To Follow?

Matt Forte told reporters after practicing today, that he will be “ready to go Monday”.

Concerns that the injury may have been a high ankle sprain apparently can be put to rest because the running back thinks he is ready to return earlier than predicted. Early on it looked with a bye week in Week Six that the Bears could hold him out until after, but that is clearly not the case.

The offense that has been scuffling the past two weeks could certainly use it’s most versatile weapon back. Michael Bush handled the workload admirably in Sunday’s win over the Rams, but Forte’s ability in the passing game was sorely missed.

It couldn’t happen at a better time as the “first quarter” closes out in a hostile environment on Monday night. The Bears travel to Dallas in a battle of 2-1 teams. The offense will have his hands full as the Cowboys defense allowed just 166 yards to the Buccaneers in Week Three.

Now let’s see how quickly the NFL refs can knock the rust off.