Warren Sapp Gets Brandon Marshall’s Bowtie in a Bunch

In case you’re still biting your nails over the whole Jay Cutler/Jamarcus Webb tiff, don’t worry, there’s a new Bear making headlines this week. I’ll give you three hints: he’s no stranger to media scrutiny, had just two catches in the Bears’ loss to the Packers in week two and isn’t afraid to wear this kind of outfit:

Oops, did I just give it away? As Midway Madness’ resident fashion correspondent, I’m not sure how I feel about Brandon Marshall’s getup. It’s a little mom-dresses-up-two-year-old-thinks-it’s-adorable-but-it’s-really-stupid. But that’s just me. Feel free to post your fashion opinions in the comments below!

Anyways, this week former NFL player and current NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp made some comments on “The Dan Patrick Show” last Friday criticizing Marshall for some apparent comments he made about his fellow NFL Network analyst Sterling Sharpe. Here’s what Sapp said:

“These kids that play the game today have no relevance for the past, have no conscious of what it is. …I mean, Brandon Marshall talking about Shannon Sharpe. …’Who is he to talk?’ He’s the first 100-catch receiver (tight end) back to back, retard.” (Marshall clarified that it was actually Sterling Sharpe about whom he made the comments, not Shannon).

Well. If he would’ve stopped short of that last word, maybe this wouldn’t have been such a big deal. Sapp did later apologize for his “poor choice of words,” but Marshall has openly admitted to struggling with borderline personality disorder and has advocated for the recognition and treatment of mental disease, so obviously it’s going to strike a chord. He responded with a couple of Youtube videos, seemingly shot from the dashboard of his car, which seems super unsafe!

Now, I have no problem with Marshall responding to Sapp’s comments and defending himself. And I think by posting the videos, he thought he was putting a positive spin on the situation and sending out a good message. But obviously, Marshall wasn’t satisfied with just one video, and I think he got a little too carried away.

While his intent was honorable, I think he got a little too rant-y and preachy. He could’ve summed up his feelings in a better-thought-out, shorter statement, instead of going on to attack Sapp’s financial and personal issues. He also sent out this tweet on Monday:

Marshall told ESPN.com Thursday that he “talked to [Sapp] a little bit privately over email, and it didn’t go the way I wanted it to.” I’m sure Sapp was offended by what Marshall said about his personal life, but it seems he’s more of the antagonist in this situation. Marshall also apologized to Sapp Thursday, saying he should have kept everything more private and that they’ll both learn from the situation and become better men.

At least Marshall is trying to right his wrongs and take accountability for his mistakes, whereas Sapp was apparently looking for a fight. It’s unfortunate that someone fans are supposed to trust and respect as an analyst brought himself down to that level.

I think now Marshall realizes he could’ve handled the situation better, and is intent on upholding a positive public image. Because if he’s ever going to be an analyst himself (as some believe he could be) he should focus on being an anti-Sapp – and avoid these situations altogether.

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