White Sox Fail Against the Royals

In the series finale against the Royals, the White Sox were able to start quick against nemesis Jeremy Gutherie. How many times has this asshole pitched against the Sox this year? NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE, BUT THRICE TIMES I TELL YOU! And he was undefeated. Well NOT TODAY! (That was me being optimistic.) I’ll stop being cute, the Sox lost. Guess who? Jesse Crain and Matt Thornton blew it in the bottom of the ninth. Eric Hosmer had a disgusting looking inside/out swing to drive in some turd on third. They lost another freaking series to the freaking Royals. For Christ’s sake, they got off to a three run lead by the second inning, but as recent of the past series, Robin Ventura’s club managed to piss away opportunities.

Opportunity #1: Detroit lost 12-4 against Oakland Thursday. White Sox fail to extend division lead. Maintains two game lead.

Failed Opportunity #2: Alex Rios was thrown out at home trying to advance on a pass ball in the top of the third. He was on third with one out. Kevin Youkilis then singled to left. Youk’s pitch selection would not have been the same but still, it makes it easier to get pissed off.

Failed Opportunity #3: Alexei Ramirez was picked off of third base. Alexei Ramirez was picked off of third base. Alexei Ramirez was picked off of third base. That shit happened in the top of the fourth with one out.

Failed Opportunities #4: Chicago went 1 for 8 with RISP.

Failed Opportunity #5: Wednesday included a wasted quality start from Chris Sale. Kansas City cheated by moving up Bruce Chen because they’re assholes.

So that ends the season against the Royals. The White Sox went 6-12 against a team whose overall record is 68-81. Yeah.

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