Bears Offense Still Leaves Questions

The Chicago Bears defense can’t keep this up all year, right? I keep saying it, yet week after week, Chicago’s defense continues to be insanely good, creating turnovers and limiting opponents to a minimum on offense. Yet while all of this is happening, the Bears offense still can’t seem to find a consistent rhythm.

The Bears defeated the Detroit Lions on Monday night 13-6, and the Lions six points came in the final minute of the game. For as dominant as the Bears defense was Monday, the Lions were still able to outgain the Bears offense, as well as having more first downs. Quarterback Jay Cutler completed 16 of his 31 passes for just 150 yards.

It wasn’t all bad for the Bears offense, as they were able to gain 177 yards on the ground, a season high, and something that came as no surprise to Pat Sheehan and myself, who both stated on the Bears Cast that the Bears needed to pound the ball as much as they could.

It is easy to look at the gameplan for this game and state that the Bears were focused on controlling the ball and pounding it down field. It was one that was successful enough to pull out a victory, as long as the Bears defense made no mistakes. But again I ask, how long is this going to be good enough for the Bears to continue to win?

The Bears offense currently ranks 29th in the NFL in total offense, ahead of only Carolina, San Diego, and Jacksonville. Their rushing offense ranks 10th, yet the passing offense ranks 30th, ahead of just Jacksonville and Seattle.

This was supposed to be a problem that was fixed for the Bears this offseason with the addition of Brandon Marshall, a number one receiver that Bears fans have coveted for a long time. Marshall’s numbers are nothing short of spectacular, as he already has 44 receptions for 577 yards and four touchdowns this season. Yet the rest of the wideouts have had a hard time getting themselves involved.

The Bears defense currently ranks number one in the NFL in points given up per game with 13. Add the number of points they have also put on the board, it would be nearly impossible to argue that any defense in the league is even close to them right now. With games against Carolina and Tennessee coming next, the Bears offense has two weeks to get things together before two tough tests against Houston and San Francisco.

Not many fans could argue the Bears success at 5-1 right now. In half their games, the Bears defense has given up seven points or less. The stats have shown the Bears defense is on pace to be one of the best defenses of all time. As I often say, the numbers tend to always even out in the end, and at some point, the Bears will need this offense to be as good as the talent on the field. It is still a bit early to point fingers at who is at fault, and the Bears can avoid that game in a few weeks. Things have been calm because of the Bears record, but another loss or two could change all that. Their time is running out to change that fate.

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