Bears Offense v. Dallas Defense: Scouting Notes

Hopefully if I have as much coffee in me as I do now, this can be a weekly article where I “break” down the Chicago Bears opponent’s defense. I am not a professional scout; I have access to the internet. These will be in easy to read bullet point note format. This week I am focusing on the Dallas defense as they have not given up more than X points and the Bears offense is more concerning than their defense.

V. Tampa Bay

  • Tampa’s opening drive started on the Dallas 29 yard line. TB 0 Dallas 0
    • Play selection: Run/Pass/Pass/Run/Run/Run/Run/Pass (Touchdown)
    • Rushing: 8 yards on 4 attempts
    • Passing: 1 completion on 2 attempts; 1 yard; 1 touchdown
    • Biggest Gain: A defensive interference call on DB Morris Claiborne for 15 yards. Claiborne was defending against Arrelious Benn’s fade route.
    • Final Play: Play action pass to the TE Luke Stucker for a one yard touchdown. Stucker ran an outside slant route.
    • Notes: Dallas was called for two offside penalties throughout the drive. The anticipation of the snap was about a second off on both occasions. On two occasions however it appeared to be predicted correctly. Dallas gave the Bucs 20 yards on penalties; the Bucs gained 9 yards by their own doing.
  • Second drive began on the Tampa 21 yard line. TB 7 Dallas 0
    • Play selection: Pass/Run/Penalty (False Start)/Pass (Interception)
    • Rushing: 1 yard on 1 attempt
    • Passing: 0 completions on 2 attempts; 1 interception
    • Final Play: Josh Freeman tried to hit HB D.J. Ware on a V route. The ball hit Ware in the chest and went up in the air behind him to allow LB Sean Lee to make the interception.
    • Notes: Freeman probably should have audibled when Dallas was showing eight in the box on Doug Martin’s off tackle run. The interception was all on Ware who tried to catch the pass with his chest. If Tom Coughlin was his coach he wouldn’t have seen the field again.
  • The eleventh drive began on the Tampa 20 yard line. TB 7 Dallas 16
    • Play selection: Run/Pass/Run/Pass/Pass/Pass/Pass/Pass/Pass/Pass/Field Goal
    • Rushing: -1 yard on 2 attempts
    • Passing: 4 completions on 8 attempts; 71 yards
    • Biggest Gain: Vincent Jackson’s 29 yard reception. Freeman was looking for VJax on the left side fade the entire play and decided to throw regardless of the tight coverage by Orlando Scandrick. Jackson game up with a terrific catch with two hands in his face. Granted, Freeman did make a solid throw, but if it wasn’t Jackson he was throwing to, then it would be more questionable.
    • Notes: Josh Freeman did make some throws that had to be perfect to make the completion. Dallas’ coverage this late in the game was spectacular and gave up 0 YAC on the drive. The tackling in the secondary is nearly flawless.
The Bears have a giant challenge ahead of them this evening and having Matt Forte back is certainly going to help. I expect Mike Tice to constantly give whomever starts at left tackle help with Matt Spaeth. Due to Dallas’ disciplined defense, hopefully Jay Cutler and Tice have some audibles in place to adjust the play at the line.

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