Big Ten Week 8: Urban Meyer Sucks

I understand that this conference is terrible. Hopefully you understand that by now as well. Looking back at the 2009 and 2010 recruiting classes, the Big Ten had four teams in the Top 25 each year for recruiting, five different teams total (Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Nebraska ’10, and Michigan State ’09). Those players recruited would be seniors and juniors for this 2012 season. So why is it that there are only two teams in the Top 25 this year? I don’t have the answer to that question, so I will leave it to you to tell me in the comments section.


Here is some other required Big Ten reading from the crew: Etheria Modacure actually previews the Battle for NU ownership. Patrick Sheehan is the Johnny Cash of college football picks minus the all black attire and the fame; he just has the same beautiful voice.

Off: Illinois

Tim Beckman got in trouble last week for chewing tobacco. Good grief.

Purdue @ No.7 Ohio State (-18.5)

Screw the Buckeyes. I remember my sixth grade english teacher was a huge Buckeyes fan. She gave everyone in the class a lucky buckeye for Christmas. If I still have that thing somewhere in a container somewhere in a box somewhere in the basement then I’m going to smash it and burn it. I put so much damn faith in that stupid team against Indiana last week and they let the Hoosiers score four touchdowns on their final six possessions! This is a team in the Top 10? I would have dropped them if I was a voter. Hell I’m dropping their sorry asses now. I DO NOT CONSIDER THEM A TOP TEN TEAM. KYLE RANKINGS HAS THEM AT No. 18. I still like them giving the Boilermakers the points at home. I disgust myself. There is a pretty interesting story that involves their fullback, Zack Boren, converting to linebacker for this contest. I will be watching for that. Purdue has been blown out at home two games in a row, I can only imagine what they will do to the conference’s best team on the road.

Minnesota (+16.5) @ Wisconsin

This game has the making of something ugly. I can just feel it. It is a strong feeling in my loins. I don’t know what kind of ugly, but it is there. Last week Northwestern was +3 in the turnover department against the Golden Gophers and only won by eight. Wisconsin was able to smoke Purdue on be road but they lost a star offensive linemen in the process: Ricky Wagner. Montee Ball is two touchdowns away from tying the all-time touchdown record in NCAA history. Watch for that only. The Boilermakers may have awoken him. The victor of this game is awarded a badass Paul Bunyan axe. You probably don’t care.

Nebraska @ Northwestern (+7.0)

This game will be on ABC’s prime time midday broadcast. If you are reading this article and won’t watch this game, why are you reading this article? After last week’s failure to capitalize on many Minnesota mistakes, it is hard for me to like the Wildcats winning this contest. Not to mention Rex Burkhead will play and Nebraska is coming off a bye. Word on the streets is that Taylor Martinez is soft and head coach Pat Fitzgerald knows it. One positive from last week’s contest with the Gophers, besides winning, was the time of possession wasn’t nearly 2:1. Northwestern will lose this game if they lose the TOP battle.

Michigan State @ No.23 Michigan (-9.5)

Michigan State is struggling offensively and I love it. Their defense is also probably the most underperforming aspect of the Big Ten. If head coach Mark D’Antonio doesn’t get this team to a bowl game after being ranked as high as No.10, I would like to think his seat will be getting mighty hot. With @Michigan, @Wisconsin, Nebraska, Northwestern and @ Minnesota on the remaining schedule, it is entirely possible that they won’t make it. They only had 139 yards in the second half last week at home. Good luck in the Big House.

Indiana (-2.5) @ Navy

How bout them Hoosiers? Screwing me over last week for my shoe-in pick. It only makes sense to pick them for THIS week’s shoe-in special. The Midshipmen are averaging 19 points a game. Indiana just put up 48 against a Top 10 opponent. They put two quarters together against the Spartans and three quarters against the Buckeyes. This week will be four. Kevin Wilson’s team doesn’t quit. His second year is something Illini fans are hoping Tim Beckman can achieve in 2013. Illinois is new Indiana, LOL.

Penn State (+2.5) @ Iowa

Iowa’s golden boy Mark Weisman might not suit up this week. Iowa will not total more than 250 yards of total offense. Penn State calls its up-tempo offense ‘NASCAR’. Not kidding. It was in an Associated Press article. Total legit. This game will be almost exactly the same as Iowa v. Michigan State last week. Except Iowa will lose.

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