Gamblers Phenomynous: Week Eight

What an exciting weekend we have ahead of ourselves.

First of all it’s Halloween. It really is the great holiday ever invented. It just gets better with age. As a kid, what was better than running around your neighborhood causing havoc and being rewarded with a pillow case full of candy?

Then in High School I learned I had no idea how much better October 31st could be. One of hottest females in our school gave me a police woman fetish that will remain with me for the rest of my days. An excuse to go pound drinks and look at women dressed like strippers without having to go into a seedy club and it’s generally excepted by everyone is what America is all about, isn’t it?

Christmas is a bummer when you find out there isn’t a fat white guy traveling around the world breaking into houses and leaving gifts. Halloween just never disappoints and it baffles me to this day how I associate with a few people that hate this holiday.

But I digress, Notre Dame vs Oklahoma is also happening.

For the first time since I was a little tyke, the Irish are a National Championship contender. Now I am not saying they are going to be playing Alabama for the crystal ball, but there is no denying they are a contender.

Something special is happening in South Bend, Indiana. A team that hasn’t had a competent defense in a decade has one of the best in the nation. Montai T’eo isn’t going to win the Heisman, but he is an incredible player. He has transformed that defense and he passed up the lure of being a first round pick to do it.

I don’t know if the Irish can pull off the upset in Norman with the quarterback play they have had so far, but they have a great tandem of running backs in Cierre Wood and Theo Riddick that should keep this close. The Sooners have been run on and this isn’t an automatic win like many are predicting.

Above all else, it’s just feels damn good to watch a relevant football team again. Love them or hate them, an Irish team in contention for the BCS is great for college football.

But that’s not why you clicked.

I had my first losing week in a month in college when TCU couldn’t close the deal in overtime. C’est la vie, we move on to the next one. The dogs appear to be running wild this week and I have a big slate of college action. Let’s get to it:

Overall: 23-25-1 (3-3-1 Last Week)

NCAA: 15-13 (2-3 Last Week) 

Auburn +14.5 vs Texas A&M

Yes Auburn is 1-6, yes head coach Gene Chizik is on the hot seat and yes Johnny Football is the greatest thing since the invention of twitter, but this is just too many points to lay on the road. The Tigers have actually been competitive against LSU, Clemson and on the road at Vandy. Auburn can run the ball and keep Manziel off the field as much as possible on their way to a 10 point loss.

Kent State +14 (Buy the hook!) @ Rutgers

Who is Kent State? Simply put, they are a covering machine. They are 6-1 against the number and have covered six straight since their opening week loss at Kentucky. The Golden Flashes have been just that on the ground this year averaging over 200 yards a game. Rutgers’ defense has been stout so far, but they have yet to actually get into the meat of the Big East schedule. This is a tough game to happen in the middle of a conference schedule. I like Kent State to hang around and make this interesting until the final whistle.

Georgia +7 (Neutral Field) Florida

It’s the world’s largest cocktail party and one of the best rivalries that doesn’t get talked about as much as it should. I keep looking at this Florida team and just don’t buy they are one of the three best teams in College Football despite huge wins over LSU and South Carolina. It’s a classic offense versus defense matchup and it looks like a storm may play a big factor on Saturday. In bad conditions, give me the points against a team I think is due for a SEC stumble at some point.

Mississippi State +24 @ Bama

I pegged this game just over two touchdowns and was shocked to see it at 24. Sure Alabama is a juggernaut smashing  everything in it’s path, but this is an undefeated Miss. State team that has covered 5 out of 7. Two very good defenses matchup and I don’t see Bama putting up more than five touchdowns which is what the 24 number is telling you they will do.

Notre Dame +11.5 @ Oklahoma

Good god, the dogs just keep coming! Look I get there is a major QB issue at Notre Dame and Oklahoma has put up 40 points in three straight games, but let’s calm down about that. The Big 12 has some of the worst collection of defenses in any conference in America. The one competent defense the Sooners played was Kansas State and they were held to 19 points. Everyone is talking about this game as it is already over and ND cannot win it. That is just not true. The Irish defense is real and I anticipate a one possession game for much of the contest. The echoes have been awakened and the thunder continues to shake down. Take the points.

Kansas State -7 vs Texas Tech

Finally a favorite we like. Bill Snyder is one of the best coaches of my generation. This guy can take a mashup of three star recruits and be competitive against anyone in the nation. One of my rules in gambling is simply never bet against Snyder. The Wildcats dismantled the fighting Geno Smiths and in the process Collin Klein has taken the lead in the Heisman race. In the end there will just be too much KLEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

Oregon State -3 @ Washington

Predicted this spread at -6.5 and I have to jump on at a field goal. It almost looks too good. The Beavers have covered seven straight in this series and are getting their starting quarterback this week. The Huskies have been trending in the wrong direction since they shocked Stanford four weeks ago. They have a terrible run in the schedule, having to play Oregon, USC and Arizona State in a row and it just gets worse here.

NFL: 8-12-1 (1-0-1 Last Week)

Jets -1.5 vs Dolphins

It took a field goal in overtime in their first matchup, but the Jets stole one. Now they go home with a rushing attack that is on fire and Mark Sanchez is coming off his best performance of the year. There are no moral victories, but last week was as close as you can get in the NFL. I like the way the Jets are playing and any time I can lay less than a field goal against a rookie quarterback, I have to rush to the window.

Chiefs -1 vs Raiders

Welcome to the Brady Quinn era! Truth be told there is a Browns #10 hanging in my closet and my man crush just over powers everything else. He is just so damn dreamy errrrrrrrrr I mean good under center. Actually he isn’t but Jamaal Charles is going to have a ridiculous day on the ground and expect the Raiders defense to commit about seven stupid penalties because they are the Raiders.

Giants -1 @ Dallas

Eli can’t lose to Romo twice can he?