Chicago Fans and Media Members Need to Back Up

I can’t believe Derrick Rose isn’t playing yet! The doctors cleared him weeks ago! Did you hear Dale Sveum may send Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo down to Iowa? Corey Crawford isn’t consistent enough to play between the pipes in the playoffs! After looking at the Bears schedule here in April, I can comfortably say that the Bears can go 10-6 under new head coach Marc Trestman, who I know nothing about.

These have been the go to phrases of every idiot meathead sitting at every corner of every bar in the city of Chicago. In this 24/7 sports world we live in, it is easy to get caught up in many ridiculous story lines and run with them. One can’t look at their Twitter feed without seeing some obnoxious tweet about someone they could never relate to. Or a story from a well-known sports writer chopping up a quote from a team manager to make it sound how he wants it to sound. Twitter is the best, and worst, thing to happen to professional sports.

Derrick RoseDerrick Rose

I love how everyone has an opinion on whether or not Derrick Rose should be playing. Are you Derrick Rose? Did you tear your ACL in front of millions of people? Do you play for the Bulls? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that the answer is no to all of those rhetorical questions. Since the answer is no, please stop talking. It’s not like the Bulls will do anything significant in the playoffs with a healthy Rose, anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I am the biggest Bulls supporter in the city of Chicago when it comes to the famous Bulls vs. Heat debate. But this season, as it stands, is not the Bulls’ season regardless of when Rose comes back.

As far as the old “Noah is playing through plantar faciitis, why can’t Rose come back? He’s cleared to play.” Plantar Faciitis is a bitch, but it ain’t a torn ACL. I won’t continue to argue with stupid.

Oh yeah, and this idiot.

Rizzo and Castro

Do you really think the Cubs would send down the faces of their franchise? The same two guys that are all over every marketing campaign out there? If you, for one second, took that seriously, call up your best friend and have him come over and knock some sense into you. Guess what? Young people make mistakes at their places of work.

These two young people just happen to play professional baseball in front of the whiniest fan base in the world. Every little mistake that is made is blown up and chopped up every way possible. What’s even funnier to me is when you have people who have never played the sport of baseball at a level higher than tee ball criticizing these saviors of the north side.

I don’t mean to go all Sean Salisbury on people, but I am sick of everyone acting like they are an expert of every sport out there. Here is a refreshing article that I want to read when the club is struggling.

Ray emery and Corey Crawford Corey Crawford

Hey, all you “hockey experts” that started watching hockey in 2010: please tell me why Corey Crawford isn’t a good goalie. As of Tuesday, he has a record of 18-5-5 with a .923 save percentage and a goals against average of 2.03. For you dumbasses out there, that means he’s having a great year. Yeah, you could argue that Ray Emery is having a better season. But that doesn’t mean Corey Crawford “sucks,” as I see on Twitter and hear mentioned by Chicago radio hosts far too often.

The Blackhawks have an awesome problem here. Two really good goaltenders heading into the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Luckily, you don’t have to, or get to, decide who will get the nod. Leave that to the smartest mustache of all time, Joel Quenneville. Oh did I offend the Ditka-strokers out there? Move past the ’80s!

Oh yeah, and this idiot who somehow has a job in sports journalism.

Marc Trestman

You can’t predict a team’s record before the NFL draft or the team’s training camp any more than I can predict how many weeks prematurely you must’ve been born. I’m not arguing with stupid. Good day.

The fans and media in this town need to think before they tweet, speak or even write anything. There is a reason why the people that bitch and moan about the teams they “love” don’t work for those teams. Because you throw like a girl and were terrible at sports. Let’s pump the brakes Chicago, we will live longer for it.

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  • Playa Playa

    Much like your comment about Twitter Chicago sports fans can be the same. Best and worst. Same with the media. Good story but why you gotta hate on ditka?

    • brennan barry

      probably because ditka (or really the bears too) hasnt been relevant in nearly 30 years

    • Evan F. Moore

      Also Ditka isnt who he seems. He’s profited off of the Super Bowl win more than anyone? And the Defensive player hated him. Check Richard Dent’s book.

  • Evan F. Moore

    Yep Chicago sports for the most part aren’t that bright.

  • haltron

    It is bad practice to answer your own rhetorical questions and then explain that they were rhetorical.
    It is kind of like explaining a bad joke after no one laughs.

    • haltron

      If you do want to jump into assumptions, however, your aross the board “the answer is no” is wrong. Somebody could be reading this article that has come back from this same injury, he isnt the first person to ever tear his ACL.

      Here is a question for you:
      Have you ever heard of Adrian Peterson?

      You can decide for yourself if that is rhetorical or not.

      • Midway Madness

        Thanks for the read. Adrian Peterson and the sport of football is different from the sport of basketball and Derrick Rose. The point the author is making is that the people criticizing Rose more often than not have not torn their ACL.

        • haltron

          thanks for the reply,
          I think that Pro-Athlete MVP’s are more comprable to eachother than they are to whomever the author of this article is directing his finger pointing. These athletes should be held at higher standards when they are paid like they are.

          • Midway Madness

            Sure that is understandable. They get paid to do what they do, not sit on the bench when they’ve been cleared to play. But we would rather have a mentally confident Rose out there than one who is second guessing himself.

          • haltron

            Noah is playing his heart out, probably under 50% healthy, tell him this isn’t the Bulls’ season.

            I wonder if he is second guessing anything.

          • Plantar

            You can’t be serious? Are you really comparing plantar to an acl? Dumb dumb dumb dumb!

          • haltron

            Nope, I am trying to point out the differences between the strong-willed players and the players who cannot overcome adversity. I also hinted at the fact that this probably does not sit well in the locker room, but that may have been too subtle for this audience.

          • brennan barry

            wait, what are you trying to say? first you say he shouldn’t answer rhetorical questions, now you’re pointing out your own subtleties to promote your own intellect? you’re bonkers my friend.

          • haltron

            did you guys sick the whole staff on me?

            You need thicker skin if you want to get paid for this. I tried to
            elaborate on my post when somebody tried to simplify my meaning – that was why
            the subtlety ended up being pointed out. Go along with your day,
            continue to bash fans in articles and the discussion board.

          • Jamie Bradley

            So, let me get this straight… You read the article and give a smart-ass response. Then, when people try to argue your points, you get butt-hurt and call us amateurs?

            Look, I get your point, Rose gets paid a lot of money and he’s certainly more comparable to AP than he is any random fan. However, in your initial post, you said that “someone reading this site” might have had the same injury…so why compare to them?

            Also, let’s not take Adrian Peterson as a norm – even for a premier athlete. He’s a freak of nature.

            And besides, let’s just say Rose is ready to go right now – physically. Do you really want him out there for his first live NBA action all year in the playoffs – the most intense games a player can be a part of?

            His leg, while surely tested in 5-on-5 full-court practices, is wildly untested in actual NBA action where players are going to try to target his weak link.

            It’s funny that you’re affraid someone “sicked” the staff on you. Sure, many of us responding are writers for this website, that’s a fact. However, it seems like you’re the one who needs the thicker skin here. None of us have displayed the shit attitude that you brought in your very first response of….

            “It is bad practice to answer your own rhetorical questions and then explain that they were rhetorical.
            It is kind of like explaining a bad joke after no one laughs.” …

            which had nothing to do with the argument the author made, except to be inflammatory.

          • haltron

            I will quit responding. I’ll admit that I lost track of my original comment while debating people (employees of this site) that have been distorting my (a fan’s) point of view. I apologize that the entire comment thread has not been perfectly symmetrical to my first post, I am not a professional writer and did not outline this discussion.
            I guess I should have mentioned in my first comment that I do not only find the article poorly written, but I also disagree with the premise. This probably could have relieved some confusion among your staff. I would have been more precise if i would have known the staff (yes, I am afraid of them) was going to pick apart my comments because I do not agree with your mindset. Now, show some journalistic integrity and “Back up”.
            Good day, Sirs.

          • brennan barry

            i just like talking.

          • Midway Madness

            Two writers out of about 20 isn’t the whole staff……

          • guest

            that was hyperbolic……

          • Jordan4Three!

            Since we are communicating our ‘druthers, I have one!
            I would rather have a 30 year old Michael Jordan out there.

      • Jamie Bradley

        Really, man?

        You just really wanted to complain, didn’t you?

        I mean, that’s really a stretch. Sure, plenty of people reading this have torn their ACL’s, I’m sure. I doubt any of them are the most important player on their NBA team.

        And yes, what Adrian Peterson did was amazing, but it’s beyond me why people expect every single player’s recovery to be the exact same. Adrian Peterson is not Derrick Rose.

        • haltron

          yes, after reading this article, i wanted to complain. I think that Pro-Athlete MVP’s are comprable with eachother than who the author of this directed his article at. They are held at high standards when they are paid like they are.
          I am just saying this is not the first time in the world someone has suffered this injury, and 95% of them come back. Don’t act like this is normally a career ending injury, he is taking longer than standard.

          Hell, maybe the will name the surgery after him since it is so groundbreaking.

          • Midway Madness

            You are completely missing the point of the Rose section of the article. But again thanks for reading.

          • haltron


  • curious

    Same injury, same day, same sport.
    can we use this for comparison, or am I just being “stupid” or “dumb.dumb.dumb”

    • Midway Madness

      That is the only logical argument we have heard. Our only response would be that everyone is different and that every body and knee is different.

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