Top 5 Players That Can Still Right the Ship

Chicago Blackhawks v Carolina HurricanesSo we find ourselves at the doorstep of an elimination game against the Detroit (Sucks) Red Wings. Every rational fiber of my being says there’s just no way the Blackhawks can come back from this, and as a Virgo woman, I like to follow a rational line of thinking. Whether you want to put the blame on Coach Quenneville or team Captain Jonathan Toews, Mike Babcock and Hank Zetterberg have simply gotten the better of them at the dot and the dry erase board.

But then I have this silly little thing called a heart, and while it does a fine job of pumping blood throughout my analytical body and to my logical brain, it also overwhelms me with completely irrational feelings sometimes. One of those silly feelings is love.

“Love is irrational, I reminded myself. The more you loved someone, the less sense anything made.” – Stephenie Meyer

I regrettably use this quote from the author of the terrible tween book series, Twilight, but she’s hit the nail right on the head. (If Bella said this, I’m going to be very, very disappointed in myself) I love the Blackhawks with my heart, not my brain, and my heart says it’s not over yet. I believe the Blackhawks can extend this postseason and fulfill their destiny of winning the Stanley Cup because if I don’t believe that, I’m going to actually have to play attention to Chicago baseball come Sunday, and that, above all else, would break my heart. So without further adieu, I give you the top five Blackhawks that can still right the ship.

Corey Crawford

This is not the Corey Crawford of last season that simply folded under the pressure of adversity. The new and improved Crow has been cool and collected all series, keeping the Blackhawks in this thing all along with a .935 SV% and 1.73 GAA in 9 postseason starts. Short of actually scoring, Crawford has been the most consistent player on the ice, and the backbone this team needs to hold them back up. He has allowed 3, 2 and 1 goals in the last three games, and I don’t know about you, but that looks like a countdown to zero to me. Crawford will get a shutout at the United Center tonight, and the Blackhawks will actually score goals on the other end.

Jonathan Toews

Captain Serious, the 2010 Conn Smythe winner, has been less than clutch in the 2013 postseason, posting zero goals, three assists and a minus-one in nine playoff games. The peak of his frustration manifested in game four, when he took three consecutive penalties in the second period. This is not typical behavior from our captain, but he is human after all. However, he has been known to perform some superhuman miracles, especially in do or die situations, and although he’s only shown up on the score sheet against the Red Wings once this series, I think we can expect a spectacular Rocket Richard-esque goal from him tonight. Plus he’s improved his faceoff percentage form mid-40’s to 61.1% last game. You mad, Zetterberg?

Marian Hossa

The face of the “Bitches Love Hossa” meme, and the answer to little girls’ math tests everywhere (at least in the Chicago land area), Hossa is a force to be reckoned with. His former teammates on the Red Wings roster are well aware of that, thus they’ve done a fine job of shutting him down the last three games. However, Hossa won the Cup with the Blackhawks in 2010, not the Red Wings, and he knows how to get things done with this particular core group. Can Q just put him on a line with Patrick Kane already so we can watch some spin-o-rama passing, back of the net sniping gold already?!

Patrick Kane

My vote for MVP and the leagues finalist for Lady Byng, Kane has been his best self ever this season, and I just don’t see why that shouldn’t continue till the end of June.

Dave Bolland

You thought I was going to say Patrick Sharp, didn’t you? Or pretty much anyone else on the roster other than Bolland. I told you this wasn’t going to be rational before we even started, so don’t roll your eyes at me. Dave Bolland has been demoted to the fourth line, and has given me absolutely no reason to believe he is going to contribute to a victory tonight. Not even a glimmer, or a sparkle of a reason, and that’s exactly why he’s my pick to click tonight. Dave “The Rat” Bolland hasn’t been his usual pesky self in the 2013 playoffs, but I still dream about how much he trolled Joe Thornton in 2010, and how much the Canucks dreaded his return to the lineup in 2011, and how he contributed to the stat sheet with three assist in six games against the wall that was Mike Smith in 2012. It’s 2013, and the Red Wings shall fear the wrath of Bolland tonight.

You can watch the Blackhawks beat the Red Wings in front of a roaring United Center crowd at 7:00pm tonight on NBCSN.


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