2013 Chicago Blackhawks Season in Review

Jonathan Toews Blackhawks Yes. The Chicago Blackhawks scored two goals in seventeen second to win the Stanley Cup.

I almost fell out of my bed watching the Blackhawks snatch a game from the Boston Bruins. I still can’t believe that happened. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been watching highlights of the game every day since.

The Blackhawks have done right by the city. It’s amazing to think that just over five years ago interest in the team was less than lukewarm. ESPN The Magazine named the team the worst franchise in professional sports.

After the lockout ended, most fans didn’t know what to expect after how last season ended at the hands of the Phoenix Coyotes. The team relished the spotlight from start to finish. The season was fun to cover.

Let’s take a look at some highlights of the season:

1/19/2013 – Blackhawks vs. Kings- Season opener.

The Blackhawks watched the Los Angeles Kings raise their Stanley Cup championship banner. After how the previous season ended, along with Corey Crawford having to not only think about last season all summer, he also had to wait four months into the lockout. The team wanted to start the season strong. They did just that by crashing the party.

02/02/13- Blackhawks Vs. Flames – Ray Emery makes 45 saves.

Ray Emery saved the Blackhawks’ butt in this game. The team had no reason for winning. Marian Hossa scored a goal late in the game to tie things up. It was fitting that Emery made the game-winning save to win the game.

02/07/13 -Blackhawks vs. Coyotes- Jamal Mayers vs. Raffi Torres.

This was the first game since the team went up against the Coyotes. Of course, the vicious hit Raffi Torres put on Marian Hossa was still on the mind of the team. Enforcer Jamal Mayers took it upon himself to seek out Torres to get some retribution for Hossa. There’s a reason Mayers was one of the first players to hoist the Stanley Cup on Monday night.

02/22/13- Blackhawks vs. Sharks –Blackhawks Set NHL points streak record.

The Blackhawks set the NHL points streak record with a win over the San Jose Sharks. This was the start of the media hype the team received during the season.

2/28/13- Blackhawks vs. Blues –Jonathan Toews wastes no time, scoring 12 seconds into game.

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews only needed 12 seconds to get the team on the board first against the hated St. Louis Blues. I remember turning away for a second to check my phone when I hear the crowd roar.

03/03/13 -Blackhawks vs. Red Wings – Patrick Kane’s Game Winning Shootout Goal against Red Wings.

In one of the final regular season meetings between the long-time rivals, Patrick Kane turned out the type of shootout goal that will earn a hockey player some sort of regular season award. Kane’s slick moves carried the Blackhawks to another victory.

03/06/13- Blackhawks vs. Avalanche – Daniel Carcillo Winning Goal.

The goal scored by Daniel Carcillo was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The aptly named article, “The Franchise That Brought Hockey Back,” was accentuated by Carcillo’s late game heroics.

5/29/13 – Blackhawks vs. Red Wings- Brent Seabrook OT Series Winning Goal.

After digging themselves into a 3-1 hole against the Detroit Red Wings, the team came all the way back to tie up the series. Niklas Hjalmarsson scored the game-winning goal. That goal was waved off by referee Stephen Walkom. Brent Seabrook later scored for the Blackhawks in overtime to win the series.

06/08/13 – Blackhawks vs. Kings – Patrick Kane hat trick.

Patrick Kane was called out by Coach Joel Quenneville during the Kings series. In game five, Kane got the hat trick to put the Blackhawks into the Stanley Cup Final.

06/24/13 Blackhawks vs. Bruins – Final Minutes of Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup Win

Two goals. 17 seconds. One Cup (No pun intended)

We as journalists and fans are at a special point in the city’s sports history. The Blackhawks are the only team that has a chance to win multiple championships. I’m not going to say they will have the type of run the Red Wings and the Islanders had but winning two Stanley Cups in the last four years is a good start.

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