Lay Off Corey Crawford

Corey Crawford

Throughout the entire NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Corey Crawford has been phenomenal. He has really been great all season long. I have written a few stories defending Corey Crawford this season because despite his stellar numbers people want to criticize and doubt the Blackhawks net minder.

Crawford has a record of 14-7 this postseason with a save percentage of .931 and a goals against average of 1.86. That’s one hell of a stat line. That’s including Wednesday night’s 5 goal “shitty” performance. But I keep hearing from Blackhawks fans and media members that Crawford has a weak glove. Allow me to argue via video highlights.

This one is from the regular season. Crawford bails out his defense as he has done many times this season with an incredible glove save.

This beauty came from Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. If you will remember Crawford basically won that game for the Hawks. But it’s cool. Keep calling for Emery because of one 5 goal game.

Another from the regular season and yet another time Crawford bails out his teammates.

I could literally find 100 more glove save highlights from the 2013 season. My point being, that every goaltender has a bad game and if it comes in a game that the Blackhawks win than even better.

The thing that drives me crazy most of all about this sudden hate for Crawford is that Tuukka Rask let up more goals on the other end of the ice and I have heard NOTHING about it. Both goaltenders have played huge roles in getting their teams to the Stanley Cup Final. They are entitled to a bad game, it happens, this is hockey.

I am not saying that Corey Crawford has the most spectacular glove in the NHL. I am simply pointing out that shit happens from the time the puck leaves a shooters stick to the time its gets to the goalie. There are so many factors to take into consideration. Was the puck deflected? Was the goalie screened? Was the puck knuckling? The goalies job is the hardest on the ice. Let’s not make it harder by throwing undeserved criticism towards our net minder.

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