Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez to The Cubs Would Speed Up Rebuilding Process

cuba-flagIt was reported today that the Los Angles Dodgers are no longer pursuing Cuban pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez. They were supposedly the front-runners to sign the Cuban defector, who could be starting in the MLB as soon as mid August.

Does this mean the Cubs could sign him? I have no idea. I do know that if the Cubs were to ink this young hurler it would put the Cubs ten steps ahead of were they planned to be at the end of the season.

As we talked about on the latest episode of Midway Baseball Today, we don’t know much about Gonzalez. We know that the scouts that have been able to watch him pitch, limited as they may be, love him. From what I’ve heard, all signs point to him being a reliable starting pitcher in the big leagues at the very least. On top of that, please name a Cuban player that has failed miserably in recent years.

If the Cubs were to sign this kid, the rotation would look like this; Gonzalez, Travis Wood, Jeff Samardzija, Edwin Jackson and insert whoever as the fifth starter. That’s a pretty good starting rotation. That’s the kind of rotation that could help a young team win 80 games in a season.

Pair that with the developing prospects coming through the system, and who knows who the Cubs may sign this offseason, and all of the sudden you have a very nice lineup.

Not a juggernaut lineup, but something that’s far more attractive than the past three years. A lineup in which you can confidently say, “Okay, we won’t suck this year.” It could be nice to watch a team play competitive baseball and know that the season isn’t a straight wash.

I’m not saying that by signing this kid the Cubs are contenders. I am not saying that he will be the ace of the staff. I don’t know enough about him, but acquiring him can only help this team take bigger steps in the right direction.

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