MLB Trade Deadline Update: July 31



With the MLB trade deadline just hours away, teams are scrabbling to land an extra bat or arm for a playoff push. Here in Chicago both teams have made there big moves. With the Cubs dealing Matt Garza, Scott Feldman and Alfonso Soriano and the White Sox trading Matt Thornton and Jake Peavy.

Now all that is left for the Cubs are a few mediocre bats in David Dejesus and Nate Schierholtz, and for the White Sox we can only assume Alex Rios is the only player that will be moved by the end of the day.

According to Ken Rosenthal the Cubs are trying to shop both Dejesus and Schierholtz.

I can’t imagine the Cubs receiving anything too great for either of the outfielders. However, as 3 P.M. approaches some teams might be getting desperate and could overpay for such outfielders.

Rumors are floating around that the Rangers are looking for a bat in the middle of the lineup. Alex Rios, Dejesus and Schierholtz really don’t fit that mold but they can be productive hitters in a struggling lineup.


UPDATE: Jayson Stark reporting that the Pirates and Rangers interest in Rios is declining.

UPDATE: (11:02) Old news but Kim Dejesus doesn’t want her husband to be traded. Something tells me she likes Chicago.

UPDATE: (11:04) Danny Knobler with this tweet regarding Rios and Gordon Beckham. The Royals have a nice farm system as we all know.

UPDATE: (11:15) Despite the Cardinals stressing that they would not be pursuing a catcher since Yadier Molina went to the DL, Phil Rogers blows some smoke up everybody’s ass. If the Cardinals do indeed intend of getting some support I really don’t see them offering much for Navarro. He is too valuable moving forward to the Cubs.

UPDATE: (11:45) I seriously doubt that the Cubs are in on these talks but you never really know. Since Theo Epstein has arrived in Chicago he has made the Rangers a good trading partner.

UPDATE: (11:47) I just don’t understand this one. Rangers saying that Garza is in play. So acquire him to trade him? So long to extension talks at the end of the year.

UPDATE: (11:54) Phil Rogers goes on MLB Network to blow more smoke. Saying such ridiculous things like the Cubs could trade Jeff Samardzija to the Pirates and that there are teams out there that are interested in Adam Dunn. On to something with some substance, Buster Olney talking real rumors.

UPDATE: (12:26) Buster Olney with his opinion on Kevin Gregg. One would imagine a team will take a chance on him for a low level prospect. He has been shaky at times and as recent as Tuesday night as he blew a save against the Brewers. He is still valuable to a contending team who needs a bullpen arm.

UPDATE: (12:32) A sleep deprived Brett Taylor does not think the Cubs will stand pat. Brett has been blogging for over 30 hours now for a great cause. Go check out his blog-a-thon for Make A Wish and donate some money if you can.

UPDATE: (12:36) Bruce Levine tweets that there is more interest in James Russell than Kevin Gregg. This makes sense because Russel is a lefty and a lot younger. Oh yeah, and far more talented.

UPDATE: (1:28) Gordon Wittenmyer hearing Navarro to St. Louis despite multiple reports saying the Cardinals aren’t trying to add at the catcher position with Molina heading to the DL. Again, the Cubs should be asking for a lot for Navarro.

UPDATE: (1:33) Ken Rosenthal goes on MLB network saying that the Cardinals now have interest in acquiring a catcher and confirms what Wittenmyer had said. I guess I can put my foot in my mouth now…. UPDATE: (1:36) Jayson Stark also thinks a deal could happen between the Cubs and Cardinals. This is why you never say never at the MLB trade deadline.

UPDATE: (1:50) Riveting information from Bruce Levine. I stand by my statement that I really don’t think the Cardinals give up what the Cubs would want for Navarro. Not only do the Cubs not have someone to replace Navarro but they need to maximize on a return for him.

UPDATE: (1:55) Kim Dejesus getting nervous while she awaits the dreaded smade leadline. Looks like she’s dealing with it like we all should.

UPDATE: (2:00) This Navarro to the Cardinals rumor is picking up some serious steam. It took a Ken Rosenthal tweet to make me a semi-believer.

UPDATE: (2:08) It is being reported that neither Dejesus or Schierholtz will be traded. I am not going to get overly excited about anything or buy into it as it’s the MLB trade deadline and anything can happen. I wouldn’t be upset if both players stayed with the Cubs. These are two good veterans that the Cubs could use with all of the youth that will be coming up to the big league team in August.

UPDATE: (2:18) This is what we call a smart thought people.

UPDATE: (2:20) Sometimes I wish I had married a Major League Baseball player…..sigh. Looks like a nice little Wednesday while you wait to hear if your significant other gets traded.

UPDATE: (2:49) With roughly ten minutes to go until the deadline it looks as if the Cardinals will not acquire Navarro. As I have said all day, the Cubs see Navarro as a much more valuable piece than anyone else does.


UPDATE: (2:56) Really starting to look like no deals will be made at the deadline for the Cubs. Fans should be okay with that and be happy with the moves they have made prior to today.

UPDATE: (3:02) Bob Nightengale puts a bow on it. It looks like no moves at the deadline, however Cubs fans should be very happy with the trades made up to this point. Theo and Jed dominated the trade market this season.

UPDATE: (3:05) Bruce Levine reports that the White Sox are done for the day.

Stay tuned as we will be bringing updates throughout the day leading up to the MLB trade deadline.

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  • The Cardinal Jake

    You really don’t think the Cards could use Navarro??? Yadi is on the DL!

  • Midway Madness

    Not saying they couldn’t use him I just didn’t think they would give up what the Cubs would want. That and who knows how long Molina is out. Also, reports all morning were that the Cardinals were not interested.

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