Nashville Trying To Lock Blackhawks Fans Out

BlackhawksChicago and Nashville have had quite the relationship lately. With the two cities being about an 8 hour drive apart from each other, both Chicago Bears and Chicago Blackhawks fans have made it a point to make their presence known in the city of Nashville while their respective Chicago teams are playing.

There was the story reported by NBC5 Chicago back in November of 2012 when the Bears visited the Tennessee Titans in which Bears fans reportedly drank the town dry. There have also been countless games over the past couple of seasons in which Blackhawks fans have taken over Bridgestone Arena when the Hawks played the Predators. This is nothing new for Blackhawks games on the road. Blackhawks play-by-play man Pat Foley often mentions the numerous “Lets go Blackhawks” chants that take over arenas when they are on the road. Close road games such as St. Louis and Minnesota are often filled with more Hawks fans than that of the home team.

Now, Nashville is taking a stand and trying to “keep the red out”. According to Section 303, a Nashville Predators blogsite, the Predators are putting a plan in place that will make it more difficult for out of town fans to purchase one game tickets to a Blackhawks game.

You can read the whole story here.

This is similar to what they did when the Predators played the Detroit Red Wings in the playoffs during the 2012 season.

Will this keep you from going to a Blackhawks game in Nashville?