Random Sports Thoughts From A Chicago Scribe: The One, Johnny and A Jedi Master

Patrick Kane

Hello everyone!

That includes all of you who just woke up from a sports-induced coma from the weekend. Whatever you wanted, you got this past weekend. Let’s talk about what I observed from the weekend.

The One

I checked out the fight this weekend between Floyd Mayweather and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. The fight wasn’t as competitive as I thought it would be. Canelo only won the first round from what I saw. The fight, due to the ethnic backgrounds of the fighters, turned into something disgusting. Most of the fans who attended the fight brought forth a bizarre mix of ethnic pride and jingoism. At times, I believe those elements made the fight uncomfortable to watch. Even though this type of stuff has always been around, boxing doesn’t need it. It was assumed that if you’re black, you were “#moneyteam.” If you’re Mexican, you like “#teamcanelo.” Why couldn’t we just see a good fight between boxing‘s present and its future.One more thing about the fight, what was that judge who called the fight a draw smoking?? Stevie Wonder could see that the fight was completely lopsided. Now we have more proof that boxing is fixed.

Johnny Football is at it again

Say what you want about Johnny Manziel. He’s a spoiled punk kid, etc. etc. One thing is for sure: you can’t take your eyes off of him.It was fun to watch him carve up the premier NFL job placement facility better known as the Alabama Crimson Tide. He is what college football needs right now. Manziel has a flare for the dramatic we haven’t seen in the sport for quite some time.


White Sox wave white flag

The Chicago White Sox have officially checked out. I tuned into last night’s game after the four hour and 23 minute rain delay. Even though the game was delayed due to the weather, seeing all of those empty seats was alarming. There were more players on the field and in the dugouts of both teams than there were fans in the stands. Like I said, the team has checked out. From the owner down to the janitor, the mantra has been “Fuck it.”

Patrick Kane, Jedi Master

Have you seen the video of Patrick Kane’s stick wizardry that went absolutely viral? Sick right? The best thing about it was the bottom of his skates didn’t touch any of the pucks. Blackhawks fans have to be excited for the season to start. It Seems like the reigning Conn Smythe winner is ready to get the season started.


Oklahoma State Football channels their inner Miami Hurricanes

Last week, Sports Illustrated released the first of a five-part investigative report about the Oklahoma State University football program called “The Dirty Game: Sex, Drugs, Cash, Fraud, Whatever it Takes.”The report does go into detail what goes on with Division I football. Long story short, we already know. The thing that bothers me isn’t what the report alleged, the predictable backtracking by some of the former players who were quoted in the report. I hope these guys know that a story of this magnitude had to be vetted. This is Sports Illustrated, not the National Inquirer.

Da Bears! 2-0!

Yes, Sunday’s game vs. The Vikings was bananas. Two come from behind victories in as many weeks via Jay Cutler’s arm has been pretty shocking to see. Slow down Bears fans; stop looking online for hotel reservations for the New York City/New Jersey area. There are 14 games left in the season. Anything can happen.Temper your expectations. I know its fun seeing production from the offensive side of the ball.Listen to me. Slow your roll.

Let’s look at some tweets from the weekend:






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