Steelers are Bad, Bears are 3-0

20130801_mm_bearscamp0379bearsThe Bears move to 3-0 confirming the thought that yes the Steelers are really that bad.

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For the second straight week the Bears were involved in a game that had a little bit of everything and hit every emotion. In a blink of an eye it was 17-0 and we were all cackling with delight. A pick six from Major Wright made it 24-3 and the rout was on. All that was left was how badly the Steelers were going to be embarrassed on Sunday night.

Then the Bears took their foot off the gas and the lack of a pass rush happened reared it’s ugly head again.

Before that, the Bears had a commanding 24-3 and were on the verge of getting it back with great field position, but Anthony Walters committed a terrible roughing the kicker penalty. The Steelers punch home a touchdown before the half ends and instead of a laugher it’s a 14 point game.

It felt like a blow out and it ended up being one, but this game should never have needed Earl Bennett’s heroics despite how awesome they were. And make no mistake about it that catch was phenomenal. Cutler stepped up and threw one in the perfect spot while Bennett did the rest to complete the Commodore connection.

In the second half the Bears pass rush errrrrrrrrrr lack of pass rush was exposed again. Ben Roethlisberger threw for 400 yards as he brought Pittsburgh back to within four in the fourth quarter. Mel Tucker had to dial up the blitz all night because the front four was not getting anything done. The result was a mixed bag. The Steelers hit a few big plays for touchdowns, but it also led to four turnovers.

A miserable Pittsburgh offensive line shouldn’t have held the Bears front four at bay as easily as it did, but Tucker again adjusted and brought the extra man. How this strategy will work against the Packers and Falcons of the world is another story.

But on this night the defense did enough as they cashed in with two touchdowns to make up for the 486 yards allowed.

On the other side of the ball Mr Fourth Quarter decided to become Mr Sunday night with a 20/30 day and again coming up with a big touchdown when the Bears needed one. With the Bears allowing 13 straight points, Cutler escaped a blitz to pick up a first down with his feet and capped it off with a shoulder boom on Robert Golden.

It was a great play for the meatballs to scream about and apparently Chris Collinsworth is lord of the meatballs. Not only did he get giddy over his toughness but he later would say that inspired Brandon Marshall and Bennett to haul in great catches on the dagger drive. Since then Cutler himself, Major Wright and Marc Trestman all said they wish he had slid, but don’t let that get in the way of a good narrative!

People always want to make big statements after road victories, but the Steelers are dreadful. Everyone needs to understand that. They are just a bad football team. The important thing to take away is the Bears are 3-0. The question still remains how this pass rush will hold up against a team with real weapons especially with Henry Melton getting carted off the field.

With a Packers loss, they have an opened up a two game lead. That is what’s important tonight.

Now for that pass rush…