Defining ‘Serious’ & Why You Shouldn’t Do That

Corey Crawford Well, I suppose that is one way for Corey Crawford to get some rest. Albeit, not the preferred route. Crawford will be out 2-3 weeks with a lower body injury – quite obviously a groin issue. I’m not sure what’s more surprising here – the fact that it was confirmed to be an actual injury to a specific place on a human body, or the fact that coach Joel Quenneville seemed to downplay the injury itself.

“After three weeks it’s serious,” said Quenneville.

And just like that, with a wiggle of the moustache, centuries of medical knowledge and research were torn asunder.  Forgive me for thinking the condition and long term health of the Blackhawks starting goaltender deserves a little more attention than the time it takes to open a beer can.

Of the 32 games played this season (including the 243 against Dallas – more on that later), Crawford has appeared in 27 of them. Already without kind-of backup Nikolai Khabibulin, the Hawks are reaching into the proverbial barrel in order to keep their crease filled. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Some of you may not realize, but when Antti Raanta was rocked in the head in the 3rd period against Florida it would’ve been Andrew Shaw in net to relieve Raanta. Whether or not that’s better than a video coach I’ll leave that up to you.

I suppose the point I’m clumsily stumbling to is that even if Crawford were slated to miss 2-3 games, it’s serious. Now isn’t the time to be coy about injuries and what is or isn’t serious.

If they’re offering a cavalier attitude towards it now, I guess it’s fair to say the writing is on the wall for Khabibulin. Speaking of which, if you want to see what does or doesn’t qualify as “serious” when it comes to groin injuries, just look at Khabibulin’s history with them.

I can understand trying to appease the fearful. Not to mention the lower level who hates Crawford up until the moment there’s someone in net they don’t recognize or know where he came from. That being said, I’d like to see an attitude of “Every injury to this goalie we just signed to an extension is serious in our minds and he deserves the respect of us treating it as such.”


Oh, look…it’s the Stars! The schedule disagrees with me, but it certainly seems like these two teams are matching up once every ½ game. Did anyone else notice the Florida Panthers turning into a completely different team from a different conference and state in between periods? No? I’m pretty sure that happened.


– This is your favorite part of my articles. Don’t lie to yourself.

– In a recent The Hockey News fan poll, the following was posited “Is hiring Ted Nolan as coach a good move by Buffalo?” Only 89 percent responded ‘YES’. Who are the staunch 11 percent that have better ideas for a 6-22-2 team? Maybe Nolan just has 11 percent enemies.

– I’m not sure who regrets moving to the East more, Columbus or Detroit…

– The St. Louis Blues have only played 28 games this season. I can’t remember if the NHL let them take days off for the St. Louis Cardinals’ run to losing the World Series or not. However, I do know the rest of the league will have to wait for the Blues to play games 33 thru 82 come April.

– Personally, I’ve been less than pleased with the uniforms released for the Stadium Series. Toronto and Detroit are doing it right for the Winter Classic. The New York Islanders are certainly not right. I’m concerned nothing can save the Hawks from the leagues apparent knack for Chromegasms.

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