Chicago Bears Re-sign Jay Cutler

20130801_mm_bearscamp0348bearsGeneral manager Phil Emery put an early end to the Chicago Bears biggest offseason storyline, announcing during his season end press conference that they have signed quarterback Jay Cutler to a seven year contract.

Cutler played out the final year of his previous contract this past season, something Emery and head coach Marc Trestman stated at the beginning of the season that they wanted to see him do.

Cutler’s play on the field was clearly enough for them to be satisfied considering how early in the offseason the deal came about, with apparent contract talks having gone on during the season.

There were several teams that had reported interest in Cutler, including the Tennessee Titans, who were reportedly most interested. In the end, it didn’t matter because the Bears had decided that Cutler was going to be the quarterback of the future for Emery and Trestman.

For Cutler, it makes sense for him to re-sign in Chicago given the weapons that he has been afforded. He personally lobbied, successfully, to get Brandon Marshall on the team. Alshon Jeffery is becoming a star in his own right, and tight end Martellus Bennett just adds to Cutler’s options.

The seven year number is slightly misleading, as all that will truly matter will be the amount of guaranteed money. But in the end, the Bears for the remainder of this decade will be led by Cutler.