Midway Man Cave Tour: Stop Two

DSCN8873This week’s stop on the Midway Man Cave Tour brings us to Bridgeport, Illinois where Zack has welcomed us into his home office. We will opt to leave out his last name because as you can see with that set up, he probably doesn’t get much work accomplished. Last thing we want is the bossman catching word of his employee’s sports cave set up errrrr home office.

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DSCN8866This is a perfect set up for the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament when you have a guilty conscious and want to at least the ability to get work if you were to choose to do so.

A developing theme on this tour is these owners are sports nuts and one television just isn’t enough. Using the remote control is a lot of work. Why not just have both games on at once? He claims the computer is for work, but we bet mlb.tv gets a work out on that mammoth computer screen.

Every man cave or office isn’t complete without some memorabilia hanging on the walls. Whether it’s an old school Bulls title newspaper clipping or a Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championship, this office is properly decked out.


While Zack might have his memorabilia covered, if your cave’s walls are looking a little bare, stop by the Chicago Trib Sports Cave to complete your set up.