Midway Man Cave Tour

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Over the next few weeks, we will be taking you through some of our readers’ best sports man caves. If you have a set up you are proud of and would like featured on the site you can submit it through our facebook page or by emailing Patrick@Midwaymadness.com

photo 1(1)Our first stop on the Midway Man Cave Tour is to Niles where Jim Rosequist has turned his basement into a male safe heaven.

Any proper Cave begins with the TV because let’s face it in 2014 it’s 60 inches or bust. Do you remember there was an actual time in our lives where it was acceptable to have a 30″ tube television in your living room? True caveman days.


Whether it’s because the Seahawks are spanking the Broncos in the Super Bowl or you just can’t take another 0-14 with runners in scoring position from the Cubs, this cave offers an alternative for the frustrating sports days with a pool table. This hockey fan completes the set up with a Blackhawks neon sign his own popcorn machine.

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When you realize Andrew Shaw is centering your team’s first line while Johnny Toews nurses one of the NHL’s infamous upper body injury, sometimes you just need a drink. Jim has you covered here with his own bar at the back of the cave. With the Hawks literally limping their way to the finish line, you better make that a double bartender.

From Michael Jordan plates, to Hawks championship banners or a collection of bobbleheads, this Sports Cave is decked out with the essentials and you can complete yours at Chicago Trip Shops.